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Torrey Mercer Snir Yamin Des Chio The Next New Nothings Karnival Korpus ROAR LiQuiD Mariya ILOS Ivan Verrastro Promo Dullko Promo The Wicked End Promo The Non-Domestiks Universo Man on a Mountain Vinyl Floor GSlide Six Times Seven Vast Robot Armies Promo MK Ultra Reign of Lies Scrupulous ToBeHonest Sittin’ Idol Marla Mase Monks of Mellonwah E Lafuentes KARMA Raise Your Flag Tony Levitas Eight Feet Deep Black Vendetta The Fetching Layers And Frames If I Ever See You Out Of Town Psychotic Reaction Timeless Void DJ.Skagnetti Erica Sellers of CATFIGHT The Normal Living Potpourri Still Average Andrea Plamondon Feat. Safffra Bulwark Nathan Diller Ruby and the Rib Cage Blood Stained Notes The Stickies Couple Theme Song! The Hopheads The Mornings Friday Funnies Kelsey Rottiers