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The Stickies
Band Name: The Stickies
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Austin, Texas
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Angelo Bachicha, Nicky Holiday
Genres: Indie Rock

The Stickies







The Stickies Background Info

The Stickies are Nick and Angelo Bachicha, a two-piece Indie Rock band from Round Rock, Texas. Although some fans describe The Stickies as charm rock, Rise Up Music wrote that they are like “Oasis having a kid with Panic At The Disco, who only plays cover songs of Ben Kweller!”

Stick Em’ Up, The Stickies debut album, is scheduled for release on February 23rd, 2013. The album will be available on, with digital distribution through iTunes,, and other major online stores. With catchy choruses, tight vocal melodies, and occasional soaring guitar solos reminiscent of The White Stripes, The Stickies deliver high-energy entertainment, with complete authenticity.

The Stickies have expanded their sound since their first EP, with such songs as “Desert Sorrow,” a fast-tempo rock powerhouse, and “Are You Happy,” an introspective look on love that can only be described as beautifully depressing. “Burning Hearts,” the last songs written for the album, was forged from intense sorrow and is The Stickies most emotional track, filled with gorgeous arpeggios, passionate vocals, and heartbreaking reservation, all within four minutes.

MarsBands Review

The StickiesIf you’re a fan of The Front Bottoms you could easily become a fan of The Stickies.  Possessing the same musical power and clever lyrics, The Stickies will catch your attention with their music and make you stick around with their intricately crafted lyrical genius.  From your first listen, you’ll be amazed how much emotion and feeling each song is composed and performed with.  Nick and Angelo don’t hold back and don’t half-ass anything.  And their album isn’t lacking in material, either – 15 tracks and nearly 50 minutes of harmony filled, passionately brilliant music that will satisfy even the pickiest of listeners.

One of the things I liked most about The Stickies’ new album, Stick Em’ Up, was their ability to seemingly change up their sound with every song.  A veritable smorgasbord of exceptional skill and elite creativity, The Stickies seamlessly blend elements of Rock, Pop, Acoustic, and at times perhaps even a little hint of Folk into their new album.  They refuse to fall into any one genre.  And while that may be disconcerting for some people, for me, it’s a sign of true creativity.  Having a signature sound is nice, but not knowing what to expect with every song and being pleasantly surprised (and at times even amazed) by the brilliant uniqueness of each song is way better.  Who doesn’t like to be surprised?

Another thing I really enjoyed was how harmony-driven the album was.  Nick and Angelo are like peanut-butter and jelly.  They just go together perfectly.  Their voices blend together quite elegantly to create an altogether different level of awesomeness.  Personally, I’m a huge fan of harmony and the more harmony a song or album has, the better.  And The Stickies’ debut album doesn’t skimp on harmony.  If harmony gets you all hot and bothered, you’re going to love this album.

The StickiesAnd lastly, the music itself is expertly crafted.  This is, for the most part, a rather simple album.  There aren’t any drums, nothing over-the-top, no crazy guitar-shredding or mosh-pitting.  Yet in the simplicity of this album, the true elegance is revealed.  Despite what mainstream radio or American Idol may say, there’s more to a good song than a catchy chorus.  Listen to any song on Stick Em’ Up as proof of my claim.  These aren’t just songs that a couple guys got drunk and made up one night.  These songs have meaning, they have passion, and each and every song has a soul of its own that you get the unique pleasure of viewing, touching, and hearing.

My favorite song on the album was probably Desert Sorrow, but it was followed up closely by Oh Darling Girl (LOVED the guitar solo), It’s Alright, Tomorrow Is Another Day, and Tonight The Light.  Give The Stickies a listen and let me know what your favorite songs are!  After you’ve listened and been thoroughly amazed, tell your friends!  Also, be sure to check out their video above from YouTube for their song Are You Happy.


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Austin, TX, USA

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