Eight Feet Deep

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Eight Feet Deep
Band Name: Eight Feet Deep
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Long Island, NY
Year Formed: 2010
Band Members: Billy, Bobby, Dan, Ed
Genres: Rock

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Eight Feet Deep Background Info

“Eight Feet Deep is original hard rock from somewhere under the sea off the coast of Long Island, NY. Guitarist/songwriter Billy ‘Pills’ Fridrich dispenses a prescription of flotsam, jetsam, beach glass and driftwood to help achieve his vision for the band. Among those that have performed on EFD are Bobby Rondinelli of Black Sabbath/Rainbow, Mike DiMeo of Riot, Danny Miranda of Queen and Ed Terry of Terrarosa.”

“Eight Feet Deep’s original hard rock sound has been featured on radio stations across the globe. Many have also claimed to hear the music when a conch shell is held to the ear.”

MarsBands Review

Eight Feet DeepNot surprisingly, Eight Feet Deep has a very distinct Classic Rock sound, yet, they effortlessly create a Modern Rock vibe in many of their songs.  A fusion of the “Good ‘ol days” and Modern Rock, Eight Feet Deep draws on all their experiences and influences to create a sound that will leave you feeling nostalgic and hopeful for the future of Rock.


Eight Feet Deep’s music contains elements of all my personal preferences, and should have more than enough for even the pickiest of listeners.  If your preference is Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, or even Reggae/Ska, Eight Feet Deep likely has what you’re looking for.  If, for example, you enjoy a little Reggae or Ska, you should give a listen to “Human Race”.  It has a very Reggae/Ska type of sound to it, which I love.  If that’s your thing too, you will not be disappointed.

“Forbidden Fruit” was pretty awesome as well.  The vocals were edgy and strong.  The music is loud, passionate, and inspiring.  Given the talent pool that makes up the band, you’d expect nothing but intricately crafted and perfectly executed guitar riffs and solos, drum beats, and earhole thumping bass lines.  If those are your expectations, you will not be let down in the least.  There is literally nothing to NOT like about Eight Feet Deep.  They meet all the criteria to be MarsBands approved.

Eight Feet DeepMy favorite song was “Time for a Change”.  Fantastic drums, amazing guitars, and bass lines that pummel your ears with the brilliant blend of Classic Rock and Modern Rock.  The part I liked the most about the song, however, were the guitar solos.  Guitar soloing is rapidly becoming a lost art in today’s Rock world.  I would recommend that all bands give Time for a Change a listen and learn how to make real, impressive guitar solos.

Coming in a very, very close second for my favorite song was “Throwdown”.  There was so much energy in that song, I can assure you with near certainty that you will immediately fall in love with it.  If you’re in the mood for some amazing Rock music, look no further than Eight Feet Deep.  An elegant mix of Classic Rock and Modern Rock, Eight Feet Deep will get your blood pumping with their slick beats, gnarly riffs, and intricately crafted guitar solos.  This is Rock music the way it was supposed to be!  Enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Long Island, New York, USA


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