Timeless Void

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Timeless Void
Band Name: Timeless Void
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Guelph, Ontario
Year Formed: 2007
Band Members: Eric St-Pierre/Alex Hilson
Genres: Folk, Rock

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Timeless Void Background Info

“Here we are the Timeless Void, forged from the desire to create a unique and powerful sound.  This ambition is what has driven the band forward over time.  Since the Timeless Void was founded back in 2007, it has seen many members come and go.  Both of us (Alex Hilson and Eric St-Pierre) have been involved since th every start, each of us serving many roles within the band at any given time.”

“As a rule of thumb, we intend on recording our music ourselves because we both agree that doing it ourselves makes our recordings more meaningful (at the very least to us).  That said we’d also like to hear from you, the good people out there!  How do you want us to sound?  Where would you like us to play?  We want YOU to get involved with making the Timeless Void everything that it can be and will be.”

MarsBands Review

Timeless VoidReminicient of Bob Dylan, Niel Young or possibly even Bruce Springsteen, listening to Timeless Void gives you feelings of the golden age of music – the 60s and 70s.  My musical tastes were highly influenced by my dad’s Classic Rock records, so when I first heard Timeless Void, they caught my attention immediately.

This isn’t your highly processed, over-produced music.  And these aren’t just songs.  Rather, the Timeless Void has a collection of heart and soul, dedication, determination, and passion on display for you to hear.  After I saw who the Timeless Void’s influences were – The Kinks, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Niel Young, Moody Blues – everything made sense.  If you’re going to be influenced musically, those are great choices.

Some of the music from Timeless Void is a little trippy – reverb, echo, you know, the good stuff.  And while the Timeless Void wouldn’t be considered Hard Rock by any stretch of the imagination, you’ll still find yourself amazed how music so calming and subdued can get your heart racing so quickly.  The sweet sounds of songs like “Somewhere Dreams Come True” and “Wasted Days” will caress your ears with brilliant acoustic guitar and some amazing harmony. Timeless Void

Most of the Timeless Void’s music is simple.  And by simple I mean there’s not some crazy amounts of instruments going on, there aren’t loads of effects, and you won’t be overwhelmed or bombarded by needless sounds and distractions.  The music is straightforward and brilliantly captivating.  A guitar and some bass.

For some songs they jazz it up a bit, going all electric guitar and Psychedelic on your ass which is exciting and fun.  But my favorite song was perhaps the simplest of them all – “Wasted Days”.  The song had such a wonderfully soft, inviting sound to it.  A simple acoustic guitar riff accompanied by a brisk bass.  Add to it some intelligent lyrics and a perfectly placed guitar solo and you have a sure hit.

What’s pretty cool about this band, besides the music, is that they want your input.  Like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, the Timeless Void is a “Choose Your Own Sound” project that seeks influences from its fans.  Feedback is a valuable thing, be it good or bad.  It tells you where you stand, how you’re doing, what works, what doesn’t.  In the long run, it’s really hard to go wrong when you’ve got the support of fans and collective knowledge.  So what do you guys think?  How are they doing?  What would you like to hear out of the Timeless Void?  Leave a comment or even contact the band using the links below.  Enjoy!

Timeless Void Links

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Where They Are From

Guelph, ON, Canada

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