Band Info
Band Name: Potpourri
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Bronx, NY, USA
Year Formed: 2013
Band Members: Vincent Harris and Rocco Pascal
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Indie, Pop








Potpourri Background Info

Meeting at a wine tasting on the shores of Nantucket, Vincent and Rocco had instant chemistry. With palates so adept in detecting the smoky, the dry, and the bittersweet, tonguing music’s emotional clitoris proved an easy task.”



MarsBands Review

It’s fun when you get to listen to music all day.  Sometimes you listen to something and you are less than impressed, as the music is tired, boring, and unoriginal.  But other times you listen to something so unique, so unlike anything else you’ve ever heard, so full of talent and emotion, you are completely blown away and sucked in all at the same time.

PotpourriPotpourri falls into the latter category.  And I actually gave this one considerable thought, trying desperately to find someone or some band to compare Potpourri to to give you some idea of what you’re in store for.  I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t even come close.  Potpourri is a band and a sound all their own.  I can honestly say I have never quite heard anything like Potpourri, and I have heard a lot of music.  So if your checklist for determining awesome music requires originality, you’ll find it in abundance with these guys.

The most prominent thing you’ll notice about Potpourri when you first listen is the voice.  A truly unique voice.  Kind of like a soft whispering, similar to, yet distinctly different from, that of Yusuf Azak.  It’s a voice that draws you in and forces you to pay attention.  You will be comforted, intrigued, and perhaps even a little caught off-guard.  I know I was.

The first time I listen to music, I never know what to expect.  Sometimes I get clues and ideas based on the genre provided by the band, but that can only tell you so much.  If you’ve never heard Potpourri before, words cannot really prepare you for the voice.  You will be floored, so I would recommend that you be sitting down when you listen.

PotpourriThe music is soft, tranquil, elegant and atmospheric.  You feel like the music is encompassing you, surrounding you with fantastic vibrations that tease your ears with a barrage of instruments.  I tried to take note of all the instruments used in Potpourri’s music, but I gave up.  There’s too many instruments used and I’m not a very good counter.

And one of the great things about Potpourri is the fact that they are able to actually use a wide range of instruments.  They’re not just throwing in stuff just for the sake of adding something in.  The instruments they add to any particular song add to an already impressive construct of harmony, melody, and brilliant talent.  Like a master painter with their brush and paint, Potpourri uses instruments to create layers of music all within one song.

If you are in the mood for some music that is truly unique and original, look no further than Potpourri.  And once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, you’ll want to tell all your friends, so feel free to share all the links from Potpourri below.

And as a side-note, I have read a lot of band bios.  Some bios are crazy long, providing every detail from birth to present day.  Some are insanely short and lacking in info.  Some, like Potpourri’s are the perfect blend of info and teaser that when you read it, compels you to check them out.  Enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Bronx, NY, USA

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