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Band Info
Band Name: Hilary Capps
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: New York City
Year Formed: 2008
Band Members: Hilary Capps
Genres: Pop


Hilary Capps Background Info

Vermont native Hillary Capps (vocals, ukulele, piano, guitar) is known for her ability to meld together the roots of classic jazz music with modern pop sensibilities. Raised in a musical family, Capps pursued music into her teenage years by taking voice lessons and learning jazz standards. By the time she was 16, Capps was singing with her dad’s jazz group at weddings and events around New England.

After relocating to New York City for college, Capps released a full-length album of jazz standards, A Perfect Dozen, in 2008. In 2010, Capps released Playlist, an album of covers and joined the rock band Cheers to Fall shortly thereafter. Hillary Capps formed her own band during her senior year at The New School, releasing an EP titled Maybe in the Morning, a true reflection of her musical inspiration. Capps’ first full-length album, The Wishing Forest was released January 21, 2014.

MarsBands Promo

Hilary CappsWhat do you get when you mix the sweetness and sincerity of the The Oh Wells with the power and passion of Miss Li and the lyrical genius of Hilary Grist?  Something unbelievably, awesomely powerful – Hilary Capps.  Whether it be the harmonious power of her songs “New Melody” and “Lady Luck”, or the slow, haunting beauty of “Storybook”, Hilary Capps’ first full-length album, The Wishing Forest, will grab you by the ears, reel you in and quickly make you a fan.

Maybe you’re a fan of Poppy, Jazzy brilliance.  If so, “End of it All” will be your favorite.  Or perhaps you’re a fan of something sincerely, sweetly passionate with a hint of Folk.  Then your favorite song will be “Chapter One”.  If vocal harmony is your thing, you are going to be a huge fan of “Love Love Love” and “Walk Away”.  And if delicate piano, intensely strong, intelligent lyrics with brilliant guitar solos are your thing, “Storybook” will jump out at you.

As you can hear from Capps’ album, The Wishing Forest, above, there’s surely something for everyone of all musical tastes.  Great beats, captivating lyrics, guitar solos, emotional piano and upbeat, positive melodies are simply the tip of the Hilary Capps iceberg.  The first thing you’ll notice from the onset is the beautiful, unbelievably intense vocals of Hilary Capps.  Hilary Capps has a rare voice that is simultaneously sultry, sweet, innocent, inviting, enthralling and above all else, honest.

Hilary CappsWhen Hilary’s voice is mixed with some infectiously catchy beats, like in “Pop Star”, you will be compelled to get up and dance.  The music is so well composed and performed so precisely, you’d swear this had to be album 6 or 7 of Hilary Capps’ career.  And yet, this is just the beginning of her story.  There are a number of songs on The Wishing Forest that could easily become hits, all the while making her first full-length album a massive success.

Do your ears a huge favor and give a healthy listen to Hilary Capps album, The Wishing Forest.  Then do your friends’ ears a favor and introduce them to this extremely talented and passionate musician.  Then do the world a favor and introduce as many people as you can to the beauty and passion of Hilary Capps by clicking, viewing and sharing the links below.  Enjoy!

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