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Dullko Promo
Band Name: Dullko
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Livonia, NY
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Colin Miller
Genres: Metal, Punk








Dullko Background Info

Dullko was formed by Colin Miller in 2012. The “Disorder” EP was released in October 8, 2013 and follows more of a Punk/Metal suit. Colin plans on experimenting and progressing in different concepts and subjects with each new album, so there is no base genre for Dullko.”

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It’s not often that you hear something like Dullko’s new EP, “Disorder”.  Then again, it’s not all that often that Metal and Punk join forces.  But that’s exactly what Dullko did with their EP, and I think you’re going like it.  It’s got the fast and furious pace you’d expect from Metal along with the edgy, quickly delivered lyrics you’d expect from Punk music.  Mix in some very hefty doses of passion, composition, and some wicked skill and you’ve got yourself a Halloween treat!

DullkoOne of my favorite songs from “Disorder” was Daylight Horror.  It has some break-neck drumming along with some vicious guitar.  At one point the song seemed like it was about to slow down, but turns out it was really just a breather, as back into the crazy, loud and fast it went.  But my favorite song from “Disorder” was easily Paralysis.  The opening beat and guitar intro had me hooked from the second I heard it.

As the intro ends and the song gets going, everything slows down and gets really quite spooky and foreboding.  The vocals aren’t really “typical” Metal.  They are very deep, very low, very intimidating.  But in a lot of Metal music, especially the Heavy Metal, the song’s emphasis is more about the screaming than anything else.  With Dullko’s music, it’s not about the screaming.  In fact, the vocals in Paralysis are slow, deliberate, and poignant – similar to what you’d hear from Rammstein.  These are lyrics to be heard and understood.  You can feel them without having them screamed at you.

What makes this EP even more amazing is that it’s all the brainchild of a single person, Colin Miller, who isn’t going to let labels or genres decide what the music will sound like.  It’s tough to be in a band, believe me I know.  But in many ways it can be even harder going solo.  Every musician goes through a period where you either hit a creative wall or maybe start to doubt your stuff.  When you’re in a band, the other members can pick you up and get you back on track.  But a solo project requires a lot more self-discipline and is quite often an overlooked element of success.  So kudos to you, Colin, on a job well done!

Given that it’s Halloween, Dullko’s EP, “Disorder”, seemed incredibly fitting for today.  This would be some great music to have on at a party you’re throwing, going to, or for when those little candy-craving ankle-biters come knocking at your door.  Be sure to check out Dullko’s EP, “Disorder” below via Bandcamp as well as some of Dullko’s other links.  Help spread good music by sharing Dullko’s links and telling all your friends!  Enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Livonia, NY 14487, USA

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