Raise Your Flag

Raise Your FlagI’m going to say that I’ve been giving you all time to fully engulf the greatness that is Beth Bombara’s new EP, Raise Your Flag.  The truth is, this is a review that is LONG overdue.  Beth Bombara, the Folky pride of St. Louis, is at it again.  Perhaps you remember the Kickstarter campaign she started to help fund her new EP?

If you haven’t been paying attention, first of all – shame on you.  Secondly, I’m proud to announce that it was successfully funded.  You can get your hands on the new EP online via  iTunes, Bandcamp, and CDbaby.  If you prefer, however, to have an actual, physical copy of greatness in your hands, you can get the EP from Vintage Vinyl, The Mud House, Dead Wax Records, the St. Louis Curio Shoppe, Euclid Records, and The Foundrie (in the Chesterfield Mall).

So what’s in store for you as you listen to Raise Your Flag?  How about amazing melodies, harmonies, and powerfully captivating lyrics?  How about some of the best music you’ve ever heard since you first started listening to music?  Does that sound a little grandiose?  It’s not.  If anything it’s underselling the utter brilliance of Raise Your Flag.  If you’re not sitting down when you listen to this EP, you’ll be immediately knocked on your ass upon listening to the first song.  If you are sitting down, you’ll be compelled to stand up and cheer.

First off, how about that album art?  Is that not some of the most elegant and mesmerizing album art you have ever seen?  Ever wonder what people mean by the “total package”?  They’re talking about Beth’s new EP.  Gorgeous on the outside, beautiful on the inside.  A pleasure for the ears, obviously, but also the eyes.  Now if only it was scratch ‘n sniff…

Trumpets?  Check.
Banjo?  Check.
Intricate acoustic guitar riffs?  Check.
Slide guitar?  Check.
Fantastically deep, ear thumping bass?  Check… and all of that is just one song.  Add in some violin, electric guitar, and probably a few other instruments I couldn’t quite make out (I really want to say there was a saxophone and/or perhaps a trombone used as well – someone get Beth to verify that).  This EP has everything you could possibly want if you are a fan of anything Acoustic, Folk, Blues, or Jazz.

My favorite song by far was “Right My Wrongs”, and honestly, it wasn’t even close.  Beth’s vocal skills steal the spotlight in this song, and it literally gave me chills.  A Jazzy little diddy, complimented by some deep bass and trumpets.  Every time I listen to this song it feels like she is standing right in front of me singing and, yes, it gives me chills every time I listen to it.  Seriously.  This song absolutely shoots me with the dart of addiction.  Kind of like potato chips, I bet I can’t listen just once.

The runner-up, so to speak, for the best song on the EP was “After the Blame”, because I absolutely love harmony.  And After the Blame is the perfect demonstration to other bands and musicians on how harmony can be accomplished.  This harmonic duet is so soft, so encompassing, so enthralling – honestly, I have no words to describe it with other than just “wow”.

The most surprising part about Beth’s new EP?  The fact that I was still surprised even though I had plenty of other material of hers to prepare myself.  Honestly, I thought I was pretty prepared for it.  I thought I had already unearthed and discovered all her talents.  I thought I had seen the peak.

Man, was I ever wrong.  As if she was reading my mind, Beth took everything she’s ever done before and kicked it up a couple notches with this EP.  Of course, now Beth has set the bar rather high.  I now believe that Beth Bombara has no “ceiling”.  Everything she does from this point on will only be bigger, better and more impressive than everything before it.  Beth has not just raised the bar – she threw it out the window.  I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

For now, enjoy Beth’s EP, Raise Your Flag, courtesy our friends at Bandcamp – or better yet, show Beth your support and appreciation by purchasing her hard work.

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