Band Info
Band Name: Bulwark
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Paris, Ontario, Canada
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Drums - Coe Churchward, Bass- Kris Darling, Lead Guitar- Graham Walker, Rhythm Guitar- Austin Sharpe, Vocals- Dylan Zizzo
Genres: Metal, Progressive Metal








Bulwark Background Info

“Bulwark is a progressive metal band originating from Paris Ontario. As you could imagine in a humble town such as ours, there is limited supply of musicians. Even rarer are those of the heavy variety. Thus making Bulwark a collective of five members with contrasting musical taste and ideals towards how music should be written. For this reason we use the word progressive to help describe our sound.”

MarsBands ReviewBulwark

For me, listening to Metal is a great thing to do when I’m pissed off.  The screaming, the growling, the complete and total expulsion of every emotion parallelled with smashing drums, shredding guitars and chest thumping bass.  And if you’re looking for some good Metal to listen to, look no further than Bulwark.  Bulwark is loud, heavy (very heavy), powerful Metal Rock that will shake you to your core!

Bulwark does a great job of changing speeds mid-song and keeping you on your toes.  Their latest EP, Excursion, has a fantastic blend of fast and slow songs.  The opening song off their EP, “Pharisee”, is so hard and fast that it will likely give you whiplash from excessive head-banging.  But within that vicious ferocity is a calm, passionate delivery of emotion.  Nobody can listen to Bulwark and say they don’t give it everything they’ve got.  From the furious snare of the drums to the face-melting guitar, Bulwark’s sound is intimidating.

BulwarkMy favorite song was “Utopia”.  It has a great little riff at the beginning followed by the haunting and foreboding vocals of Dylan Zizzo that slowly draws you into the song.  Utopia every so slowly builds more and more, gets heavier and heavier, and gets you to the point where you are on the edge of your seat just waiting for the inevitable release of primal energy.  And for a guy that does a lot of screaming, Zizzo’s voice is actually quite nice and, dare I even say, elegant?  When you hear Zizzo sing in “Utopia” and “NatureWalk”, you really start to realize how talented a singer he is.

In reality, Metal bands are quite possibly some of the most athletic bands of all.  All drummers are pretty much badasses in my book, but if you’ve never seen a drummer for a Metal band perform live, I implore you to do so.  You will quickly discover how unimaginably difficult a job it is.  Bulwark’s drummer, Coe Churchward, deserves quite a pat on the back, as he is nothing if not unrelentingly vicious and highly skilled.

You won’t get short-changed with Bulwark.  For one, you can download their EP by naming your own price.  For two, their shortest song is just over five and a half minutes.  And these aren’t long songs full of unnecessary guitar solos or 4 minute jam-sessions.  Each and every second builds off the last.  And with each passing second your ears are pummeled with the most beautifully violent musical fury you may ever have the pleasure of listening to.  The music Bulwark makes is simply fantastic.  The harmony, melody, and sheer passion of this band might very well catch you off guard.  Do your ears a favor and give a listen to Bulwark and enjoy!

Bulwark’s Links: Facebook, Bandcamp

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Where They Are From

Paris, Brant, ON, Canada

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