Band Info
Band Name: ToBeHonest
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Rowville, Melbourne
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Dante'-Vocals/Guitar, Joel- bass, Nathan- Keys, Chloe -Vocals
Genres: Indie, Pop, Rock








ToBeHonest Background Info

“We have been doing under age events and festivals, we do our own original music along with 90s to current music covers. Taking influence from the likes of Mercury White, Paramore. Creating a sound with some hypnotic riffs and rocky beats into a fresh Alternative Rock sound.”

MarsBands Review

ToBeHonest is a fresh faced, fresh out of the oven band.  Not even a year old, this group of talented musicians remarkably plays as tight as bands who have been together for years.  The drumming is great, the guitar is excellent, and Chloe’s voice is absolutely marvelous and brimming with potential.  Here’s the kicker:  According to their Reverb bio, they are all under 16.  Now whether that is still true in 2013 I’m not quite sure, but even if they are all now 16, how amazing is that?  So young and yet, so good.  Honestly, it’s not supposed to work like that.

ToBeHonestUsually when bands assemble, especially at such a young age, their’s a bit of a learning curve.  Everyone is still perfecting their instruments or their craft.  They’re still learning how to make music as a single entity.  It can be a challenging process that many bands can’t complete.  ToBeHonest apparently breezed through that process and went straight to Rocking your earholes.  If you’ve been in a band before, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t been in a band before, I’m not sure there’s any perfect way to explain to you just how amazing it is for a band, this new and full of this much youth, to sound this good and be this in sync with each other this early on.

When you listen to their song “What We Choose” you’ll discover a bit of an 80s type sound to them, which I found rather remarkable given their young age.  And then when you listen to their song “Meant To Be” you get a much more modern Pop/Rock vibe from the band.  While there are only two original songs of theirs to listen to on Reverb, it’s more than enough to get you sucked in and pique your interest.

“Meant To Be” was my favorite of their original material because it was very upbeat and I thought it was a perfect style of music for Chloe’s voice.  It was a very catchy song, showcasing the strong vocals of Chloe and the backup singer, Dante’ (with even a bit of exceptional harmony), that began with a brilliant keyboard intro which sets the listener up for a brilliant song.  Not surprisingly, the band is apparently still discovering their sound.  It should be a lot of fun watching these guys evolve as musicians and hearing their sound develop and change over the years.

ToBeHonestLike many new bands do, they play some cover songs.  You can listen to a couple via their Reverb player below, but you can listen to more on their YouTube channel.  Displaying their 80s love, ToBeHonest covers several 80s songs.  One song in particular they covered that I really liked was “I Love Rock and Roll”.  (Fast fact of the day: “I Love Rock and Roll” was originally created by Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker of Arrows and then made famous by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ cover of it in the 80s.  And now you know!)  ToBeHonest’s version was very well done and wonderfully executed.

You should also check out their cover of Bryan Adam’s “Summer of ’69”.  Once again their tightness as a unit is impeccable, and the guitar work is executed nearly flawlessly.  Their taste in music is commendable.  If you’re a collector of baseball cards (or any other cards), consider this review of ToBeHonest their rookie card.  Brimming with talent and potential, ToBeHonest is well on their way to success.  Be sure to check out their music and links below and then share with your friends.  Enjoy!


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Where They Are From

Rowville VIC 3178, Australia


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