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Still Average
Band Name: Still Average
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: New Hampshire, USA
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Sean Hamilton, Dan Higman, Tyler Emerson
Genres: Pop, Pop Punk, Punk

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Still Average Background Info

“Still Average is a pop-punk/post-hardcore band from Seabrook, New Hampshire. The band currently consists of lead vocalists Sean Hamilton (clean vocals/bass) and Dan Higman (scream vocals), as well as temporary members Tyler Emerson (drums) and Ben Hunton (guitar). Their music is often described by fans as a blend between Blink-182 and A Day To Remember. Their music is written primarily on the foundation of pop-punk, making use of power chords, octaves, palm mutes, and catchy melodies. However, they also incorporate some of the things that define post-hardcore, such as fast breakdowns and scream vocals.”

“Even though the music of Still Average is considered a mix between pop-punk and post-hardcore, they manage to keep the two genres separate when writing songs. While similar bands of this genre tend to be more post-hardcore-based with pop-punk elements, Still Average leans in the opposite direction with pop-punk being their base and post-hardcore elements added as a secondary genre. Thus, they separate themselves from most of the bands that influence them.”

MarsBands Review

Still AverageIf you’re having one of those days where you just can’t seem to sit still and everybody is looking at you like you’re a little crazy, then listen to Still Average and crank it up all the way – That way you’ll have a good excuse to be jumpin’ and shakin’!

If Pop/Punk is your thing, you’re going to love Still Average, as they are anything but average.  But music aside, Sean Hamilton and Dan Higman are the kinds of musicians the world needs more of.  They have a dream and no matter what obstacles the world has thrown at them, they continue on.  Coming from personal experience, having a revolving door of band-mates is a tough thing to deal with.  And if you don’t believe me, just ask Tsunami Bomb.  But despite band member challenges, Sean and Dan have stuck with it and continue to make awesome music for your ears.  Dedication and determination are key ingredients to being successful in the music industry.

And now the music: It is fantastic music.  The best way I can explain Still Average’s music is to say it’s like a having multiple personalities.  There’s a very distinct Pop side (Sean’s singing) which will get your feet tapping and head bobbing.  And then there’s the Hardcore side (Dan’s screaming) which is an explosive release of pent up emotion and passion.  And then there’s the Punk side of Still Average’s music which is an elegant blend of both the Pop and Hardcore aspects of the music, creating an entirely different sound and feel altogether.  It’s like listening to three different bands at one time!

Still AverageOf the many songs they have available for your listening pleasure on ReverbNation, my favorite was Dear Anonymous.  I think if they try to build an audience with that type of music, Still Average should do just fine in capturing some ears in the music world.  Dear Anonymous does a great job of showcasing all the perks and talents of Still Average in one catchy song.  It has the Pop, Punk, and Hardcore aspects of the band’s sound all wrapped up in a quick beat.  And once you’ve given that song a listen, you’ll start to get reeled in with each song you listen to after that.

And if you are curious, the next song you should listen to is Memories of You.  As you all know, I am a huge fan of harmony, and Memories of You has plenty of harmony!  It again has a fantastically Poppy beat, but the vocal harmony is what makes it superb in my book.  So be sure to give that song a listen as well, because I’m betting you’ll like it, too.

So let’s review, shall we?  If you are a fan of musicians with a steadfast determination, who make catchy, Poppy, Punky, Hardcore music that will get your ass up out of a chair and dancing, then you will quickly become a fan of Still Average.  There’s a lot to like.  If you like smooth vocals with a fresh, Poppy feel, then Sean will win your ears over in a heartbeat.  If you like something a bit more raw, passionate, and explosive, then Dan’s vocals will draw you in like a magnet.

So there you have it, folks.  Good music that you need to be aware of.  Play it loud, play it proud!  Also, be sure to check out their video above for their song Memories of You.  Enjoy!


Still Average Links: Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, YouTube 

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