Ruby and the Rib Cage

Band Info
Ruby and the Rib Cage
Band Name: Ruby and the Rib Cage
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: London, UK
Year Formed: 2011
Band Members: Ruby and the Rib Cage band which includes: Samuel Pert - Drums, Bass Guitar
Genres: Folk, Indie

Ruby and the Ribcage









Ruby and the Rib Cage Background Info

“Ruby & The Rib Cage is the solo project of Ruby, supported by the oh so wonderful Rib Cage band” (via Facebook)

Marsbands Review

Want to hear something awesome?  Of course you do, that’s why you come to MarsBands, right?!  Plus, it’s Tuesday, meaning you probably haven’t gotten back in to the swing of things this week just yet.  Weekend hangovers are tough, so you need something to lift your spirits.

Ruby and the Rib CageWell get ready for something so awesome that you’ll need to hold on to your socks (for fear that they may be knocked off, not that sock gremlins may come and steal them while you sleep at night… I digress)!  Ruby in the Rib Cage will get your ears dancing.  And while dancing ears may seem like an anatomical impossibility, it just simply goes to show you how good Ruby and the Rib Cage’s music is!

What do you get when you listen to Ruby and the Rib Cage?  Well, for starters you get a woman whose voice is crazy strong and beautiful.  “Crazy strong” doesn’t do Ruby’s voice justice.  We’re talking more powerful than a locomotive strong, April Smith strong, bordering on Allison Crowe strong.  Her voice is brilliant, crisp, and uplifting.  Matching the vocals, the music is upbeat and positive.  If you happen to be in a bad mood when you start to listen to Ruby and the Rib Cage, I would bet when you’re done listening you won’t be in a bad mood anymore.

Give a listen to Ruby and the Rib Cage via SoundCloud below and be amazed!  Also, I strongly suggest that you check out the video above for “Horrors”.  It sounds so good, you won’t believe it’s live.  But it is – and it is amazing!  Happy Tuesday peeps!

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Where They Are From

London, UK


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