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The Normal Living
Band Name: The Normal Living
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: New York City
Year Formed: 2008
Band Members: Liza Zitelli, Jon Grabowski, Paul Papatrou, Andrew Zitelli
Genres: Indie Rock, Rock

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The Normal Living Background Info

“TNL is an indie rock band, both inspired and frustrated by the urban and suburban landscapes from which it emerged, whose music expresses the sensibility of the city and its satellites.  TNL released its first CD, “Less Radio”, in 2013.”

MarsBands Review

As many of you may know by now, I’m partial to female fronted bands for a variety of reasons.  When compiled correctly and with talented musicians, a female fronted band can make music that no male-lead band can (see: Dead Sara).The Normal Living  The Normal Living is a perfect example of a bunch of talented musicians all being put together.

Lisa Zitelli, lead singer for The Normal Living, has a fantastic voice which is perfectly suited for the music this band makes.  Believe it or not, there are lots of bands out there who make a certain type of music only to have singers who simply aren’t suited for the music.  Such is not the case with Lisa.  When Pop meets Rock meets Americana meets Classic Rock meets Lisa, you get the excellence that is The Normal Living.

Now I tend to be a stickler for the vocals of bands, because let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how good the music is if the vocals make you want to pull your ears off.  The Normal Living struck music gold with Lisa’s voice, as it is so dynamic and blends so brilliantly with the music she and the rest of the band makes.  Every now and then, like in the song “Less Radio”, Lisa gives off a little growl.  It’s fantastic!  She holds nothing back in her singing, providing a direct connection of 100% emotion and passion to the listener’s ears.

The music itself is a blend of a few different types of music.  Upon first listening to their EP “Less Radio”, you get a very distinct Indie Rock vibe, but as you continue to listen, you start to pick up on the Pop side of the band.  Further listening reveals a slight 80s sound with a bit of, get this, Americana and Folk.  Ya.  And you might not think a combination like that would mix well, but it does.  In fact, it mixes way better than I can even begin to describe.  Who doesn’t like harmonica??

The Normal LivingI was especially fond of the songs “Timeout New York” and “Charlotte Arms”, but my favorite was “Skyline Blues”.  The song gives off a Nirvana, Live in New York type of vibe.  It made me think of “Jesus Don’t Want Me For a Sunbeam” but with a quicker pace.  And oddly enough, I even got a bit of an “American Pie” by Don McLean vibe from the song.  Not to say that Skyline Blues sounds anything like American Pie, but you get that kind of “story” feeling when you listen to the song.  You’ll understand what I mean when you hear it.

If you are a fan of harmony, brilliant melody, and fresh, unique music, you need to do your ears a big favor and give The Normal Living a listen.  Unlike anything else you may have heard, The Normal Living is proof that intelligent lyrics, powerful vocals, and skilled musicians still exist.  This is definitely a band you’ll want to share with your friends.  Be sure to clue them in on the greatness!  Below you can find all the links for The Normal Living as well as some of their songs from ReverbNation.  Enjoy!

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New York, NY, USA

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