Man on a Mountain

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Man on a Mountain
Band Name: Man on a Mountain
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: New Jersey
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Tommy Muller, Jon Corsiglia, Matt Guay, Kevin Haines
Genres: Alternative Rock, Modern Rock, Rock
photo by Jon Stars Photography

photo by Jon Stars Photography









 Man on a Mountain Background Info

Starting a band and following the motions to make it: most do this, But most don’t realize that its done for all the wrong reasons.  Thats where Man on a Mountain begins.  All from local bands prior, an idea to create music with the upmost importance with an appreciation from within, without expectations is planted.”

“In the fall of 2012 writing began. Styles and relationships were strong due to the connections of previous bands. With no deadline and personal lives in the forefront (nursing student, officer, photographer and professional tradesman). With a name having a purpose of finding yourself, your sound, your voice and telling a story of internal conflict that anyone can relate to and find themselves lost in, Man on a Mountain had done these things over the course of a year. finally releasing a 10 song full-length album, Man on a Mountain feels they have done this for the right reason, for themselves.”

MarsBands Review

photo by Jon Stars Photography

photo by Jon Stars Photography

Man on a Mountain’s self-titled album is a nice mix of emotion and Rock and Roll.  While their sound is heavily Modern Rock, it also contains elements of old-school Rock that should be appealing to any lover of Rock music.  As a whole, the songs on the album seem to mesh well with each other.  Man on a Mountain shows every aspect of their music in their album, showcasing their gritty guitars, sharp and quick drums, and powerful vocals.

A well-rounded album, Man on a Mountain displays both a powerful and forceful side in songs like “Coming Clean” and “Last Call” as well as a quieter, softer side in songs like “Falling” and “Float Away“.  Some of their songs, like “Wake Up” and “Runaway” blend both elements of loud and soft, harsh and gentle into a masterpiece of unbridled, raw openness coupled with delicacy and intimacy.  No matter which song you listen to, however, you’ll be treated to brilliant composition and expert command of instruments.

Some songs I had a special affection for were “Float Away” because listening to the song actually made me fell as though I were floating, and “Catch Me“, because of its explosive power and sharp drums.

My favorite song, however, off the album was “Waste Away“.  Starting off with a quiet, slow guitar riff and gradually introducing a quick drum beat, the song evolves into an earth-shattering, passionate, loud chorus full of energy and emotion.  The vocals are strong and distinct, making the lyrics even more prominent.  I’d love to know the backstory for the lyrics.

photo by Jon Stars Photography

photo by Jon Stars Photography

Overall, I was really impressed with the self-titled album from Man on a Mountain.  These gents definitely have some impressive talent, and certainly have a bright future ahead of them.

If you’re in the mood for some excellent Rock music, treat your ears to Man on a Mountain.  You can check out their album via Bandcamp below.  Also, be sure to check out their links and share them with your friends.  As always, enjoy!


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Where They Are From

New Jersey, USA


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