The Mario Cantin Project

Band Info
Band Name: The Mario Cantin Project
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Toronto, Canada
Year Formed: 2010
Band Members: Mario Cantin
Genres: Classic Rock, Rock


The Mario Cantin Project Background Info

The Mario Cantin Project consists of Rock music reminiscent of the late 60’s / early 70’s with strong vocals, although mostly instrumental.

Mario Cantin, is a musician, arranger, composer, and audio engineer. In addition to the music itself, he writes the lyrics and creates the vocal melodies and harmonies, but hires professional singers to actually perform. He works from his home studio, making use of a collection of 11 electric and acoustic guitars, 2 bass guitars, 8 amplifiers, keyboards, some rare vintage gear, an array of microphones, and various other pieces of equipment.

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The Mario Cantin Project“It’s in Your Heart”, the retro feel album from The Mario Cantin Project, will hook you with the sweet sounds of 70s Rock while amazing you with a modern sound.  Slick guitar solos, catchy beats and intricate and playful guitar riffs await the listener.  It’s in Your Heart is a bit of a mix of Pop and Rock, with the emphasis on Rock, especially the song “It’s In Your Heart”.

The album’s namesake, “It’s in Your Heart”, is a much more modern Rock type song than anything else on the album.  It’s much heavier and edgier than any other song, and heavily relies on the vocals.  And in this song, the vocals are fantastic.  Another song that has some strong modern Rock sounds is “Jam in E Minor”.  It just so happens that that song also has some of the most enthralling guitar solos of the entire album which will put you on the edge of your seat.

Most of the songs on The Mario Cantin Project’s album, It’s in Your Heart, don’t have lyrics, as the songs are more of a “reflection” as he puts it, like the songs “Early 70s Reflection” and “Greener Pastures”.  It’s simply some straight up guitar Rock with a strong drum beat with a massive amount of expert guitar-work and brilliant composition.

There are a lot of influences that shine through in this album.  There are some rather distinct Jazzy overtones, some Latin influence, Pop influences, and obviously a hefty dose of Rock.  At times I even felt like there were bits and pieces of Carlos Santana.  “O Rodeio” sounded very much like a Pink Floyd type intro, as it had the simple clean guitar.  The similarities ended there, however, as the song took on a more Latin type sound after that.

The Mario Cantin Project’s album, It’s in Your Heart, is definitely something you should be listening to and sharing with your friends.  The amount of raw talent and passion in this album are undeniable.  Be sure to check out all the links below to get all the info you can on The Mario Cantin Project.  Share this awesome find with your friends, and as always, enjoy!

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