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The Fetching
Band Name: The Fetching
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Year Formed: 2011
Band Members: Tahkus and Santiago
Genres: Pop, Rock

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The Fetching Background Info

“THE FETCHING is the collaboration of singer/songwriter TAHKUS, and guitarist/songwriter SANTIAGO GRANADOS-MANN. After meeting at the LA Music Academy and playing music together for a variety of projects and gigs, Tahkus and Santiago began experimentally songwriting. Soon it was clear that something good was happening. THE FETCHING is what those songwriting sessions became.”

MarsBands Review

The FetchingThe Fetching appeals to many of my musical soft-spots: Fantastic female vocals, highly talented instrument playing, perfectly crafted songs, brilliant harmony and melody, oodles of passion and emotion, and intelligent lyrics.  More than just catchy riffs or choruses, The Fetching is a musical journey through a world of intricately crafted sounds and melodies that will tickle your earholes like no music has done before.

For regular visitors to MarsBands, let me try to describe The Fetching to you.  If you were to mix the Poppy/Rock side of The Beautiful Bodies with the depth and melody of Angus and Julia Stone, along with the intelligence of Dark Dark Dark with a sprinkling of Carlos Santana-esque guitar and Fleetwood Mac-esque vocals, you’d get the powerful, amazing, fresh and unique band, The Fetching.  It’s pretty hard to imagine something so amazing, isn’t it?  I rattled off quite a few highly impressive names there, so if you don’t believe me, stop reading this right now and listen to their songs from Reverb below.  Then come back here.

See?  Didn’t I tell ya?

The FetchingMy favorite songs were “The Rolling Beneath You” and “What You Made” with my ultimate favorite being “Hey, Life”.  Why was that one my favorite and not, say, “What You Made”, which is a faster tempo, more Rock type of song (I’m partial to Rock)?  I’m not really sure how to explain it, really.

In short, Hey Life showcased everything the band has to offer in a little over four minutes of music.  For starters, I loved the soft melancholy and slow, yet, deliberate pace of the song.  The opening part actually kind of reminded me of CAKE’s song, “Friend is a Four Letter Word”.

The entire song gives off kind of a dreamlike, reminiscent type feeling.  And then there’s the vocals.  Crisp, clean, with intelligent and interest-piquing lyrics.  At this very moment, nothing in the world would make me happier than to know the backstory on this song.  That’s how you know it’s a good song.  When actually hearing it isn’t enough – when you want more.  Honestly, I listened to this song probably 6 or 7 times before I moved on to listening to the next song.  It was love at first listen.  But let’s not overlook Santiago’s guitar (sounds like a good band name, no?).

The guitars had the perfect combination of soothing acoustic guitar and crunchy, with a slight bite electric guitar.  The pièce de résistance, so to speak, was the guitar solo about 3 minutes into the song.  Nothing spectacular, nothing showy.  But it certainly served to enhance the dreamlike nature of the song.  Listening to “Hey, Life” made me feel like I was floating, and it was a truly unique experience.  No song has ever made me feel quite like that song makes me feel.

The FetchingThere you have it, folks.  More amazing music that you never knew existed.  If you ever find yourself thinking there’s no such thing as original, heartfelt music anymore, I urge you to listen to The Fetching so your faith in good music can be restored.  After you listen you’ll inevitably be compelled to share the music with all your friends.  I gave you a helping hand by providing you with all of The Fetching’s links below.  Share away, music lovers!  Enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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