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Radio from Mars | MarsBands
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Radio from Mars

Until we figure out a way to get all the music we want playing on our site whenever and where-ever we want, you are going to have to cut us a break for a while. We are exploring a lot of options in regards to getting MarsBands Radio back up and running. Until then, you’ll just have to make do with some of the options we present here.

For example, we had our ReverbNation playlist here for a while, which only had a small fraction of the total songs we’ve featured on our site. Then we switched over to Spotify, which has a large number of the songs we’ve featured on MarsBands, but people don’t like to download stuff and if you don’t have Spotify, you don’t hear music. So now we’re switching to Grooveshark. They have an embeddable playlist option, which is nice – but the selection was only slightly better than that of ReverbNation.

So, enjoy some of the music we’ve featured on MarsBands via Grooveshark below, or Spotify, or ReverbNation. For the record, Grooveshark is a terrible alternative, in my opinion, but it’s better than Reverb’s selection and people can listen without downloading anything, unlike Spotify. So… take the good with the bad, right? Pick whichever one works best for you.

Spotify playlist

Grooveshark Playlist
Featured on MarsBands by MarsBands.com on Grooveshark

ReverbNation Playlist

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