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Sittin’ Idol
Band Name: Sittin' Idol
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Year Formed: 1997
Band Members: Scott Lennox, Rick Hatch, Greg Kristianson, Stu Purpur
Genres: Hard Rock

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Sittin’ Idol Background Info

Throughout North America, Sittin’ Idol has become renowned for a stage show that is both powerful and energetic. Sittin’ Idol combines aggressive hooks reminiscent of the early heavy metal movement with smooth modern rock melodies. Mixing unique and dynamic song structures, Sittin’ Idol captivates any audience from start to finish. Tight rhythms, powerful vocals and three-dimensional songs are the hallmark of Sittin’ Idol’s style.”

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If, for some reason, you weren’t able to judge a band by their music, one of the best ways to determine how good a band is and how well received they are, is by checking out how long they’ve been around.  There aren’t many bands who can withstand the test of time.  Many bands, even the good ones, tend to burn out relatively quickly.  If you suck, you definitely won’t last long.  So when you find a band like Sittin’ Idol who has been around for 16 years, it’s a pretty solid bet that they are good.  Sittin’ Idol not only showcases their musical skills, they showcase their longevity.

Sittin' IdolI’m not sure people fully grasp what an accomplishment being a band for 16 years is.  For most bands, even hitting 5 years is pretty noteworthy.  10 years is certainly a milestone.  But 16 years, and counting, is certainly something to brag about.  What makes it far more impressive is the fact that the band isn’t signed or backed by some multi-billion dollar record label.  Hopefully you are at least beginning to understand how great an accomplishment this is.  These folks are independent in the truest sense of the word.  Without even getting to the music part of the band, I commend Sittin’ Idol and hold them in the highest regards for their accomplishment and dedication to their art.

And now on to the music.  Sittin’ Idol is a crazy heavy mix of Rock and Metal.  Imagine bits and pieces of Metallica, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains mixed together and then combined with independent spirit, passion, and dedication.   Everything about this band screams “badass”, from the ear thumping bass lines to the chest thumping drums.  Add in Scott Lennox and his fantastic voice that is perfectly suited for this band, and you have yourselves one hell of a Rock band, my friends!

It would be incredibly hard to imagine Scott’s voice with any other type of music.  It must have been fate that drew these guys all together.  Otherwise they are incredibly lucky to have not only found each other, but to have been compatible together for so long.  Again, quite an accomplishment.

My favorite song from the band was “Stray”, off the album, Gallery.  I absolutely fell in love with the slow opening and progression from, what you expected to be, a soft-er, more subdued song.  The opening part of the song was just a tease.  As the phenomenal song rolls on, all the while sucking you in with a clever guitar riff, you start to notice Lennox’s voice sounding familiar.  When I heard him start singing, the only thing I could think was how much Lennox sounded like Chris Cornell.

Sittin' Idol

One of my favorite songs off their 2012 release, Landmark, was “My Burden”.  Blasting off with one of the most intense drum intros I have heard in quite some time, My Burden morphs into a blaze of furious drumming, powerful, straining vocals and a high-octane guitar solo around the 3:20 mark.  The song’s ferocious pace continues throughout its entirety, until the song ends abruptly, leaving the listener clinging to the edge of their seat.  Another song from Landmark that I was quite fond of was “Glass Box”.  A stark change from “My Burden”, Glass Box was a much slower paced song, but with a very deliberate beat.

In their album, Landmark, Sittin’ Idol managed to appeal to both the lovers of Metal and the lovers of Rock.  Never overdoing it either way, the album gracefully fluctuates from Metal to Rock.  Songs like “A Crutch Made of Stone” and “My Burden” are predominantly Metal infused with Rock, whereas songs like “Take My Time Pt. 1” (and Pt. 2) and “Glass Box” are principally Rock, but the intense drumming style is very characteristic of Metal.

Showing their many sides, Sittin’ Idol throws a curveball at the listener with their song “The Mountain Walks”.  Although far from a soft song, The Mountain Walks is initially dominated by simply an acoustic guitar, a slow pace and the smooth vocals of Scott Lennox.  As the song progresses, Sittin’ Idol’s trademark power-sound slowly begins to seize control, first with the drums, then the bass, and then finally the guitar.  The climax comes around the 3:30 mark when the song has fully transitioned from a soft, slow song into a brilliant, chaotic fury of drums and guitar solo.

If you’re a fan of guitar solos, Sittin’ Idol will hook you up with the good stuff, as they are one of a dwindling number of bands nowadays that not only use guitar solos, but use and compose them well.  Unless you listen to Classic Rock, you won’t hear many songs on the radio with the kind of amazing guitar solos you’ll hear while listening to Sittin’ Idol.  It truly is becoming a lost art, but not among Sittin’ Idol.  If you are wearing socks, prepare to have them Rocked off.  If you want to hear a truly fantastic outro-solo, give a listen to “Take My Time Pt. 2”.  You will be treated to some excellent guitar mastery.

Sittin’ Idol is a powerhouse band, in every facet of the term, who could easily melt your face off with their Rock or shake your body to its core with their Metal.  Keep that in mind while you’re listening/headbanging/mosh-pitting to Sittin’ Idol.  As always, be sure to share this treasure with your friends and enjoy!


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Calgary, AB, Canada

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