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Ivan Verrastro Promo
Band Name: Ivan Verrastro
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Birmingham, UK
Year Formed: 2013
Band Members: Ivan Verrastro
Genres: Instrumental, Jazz Fusion

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Ivan Verrastro Background Info

Following a successful 2012 UK tour with E.T.A, culminated in the appearance at the “Monsters of American Rock show” – supporting ex members of Alice Cooper and Blue Öyster Cult – Verrastro decided to begin a solo career as a composer and producer.  “Sentience” has been composed and recorded over a timespan of almost two years, with Ivan playing all the instruments on the album.

The tracks bring in the artist’s most emotional and profound musical concepts, in the attempt to create a guitar-leaden instrumental opera. The result is a combination of epic, somehow ‘spiritual’ tunes with catchy fusion rhythms and fantasy atmospheres, where a majestic guitar sings in the style of Shawn Lane and Marty Friedman.

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Ivan VerrastroFans of beautiful, elegant, thought-provoking music will be thrilled to listen to Ivan Verrastro’s album, “Sentience”.  It’s always a treat to come across music that is larger than life, and Ivan’s album certainly qualifies.  “Sentience” is more than simply compositions or music.  This album is like a cool breeze on a hot, muggy day.  So uniquely and positively refreshing, “Sentience” is the type of album that will both engage your mind and relax body.

“Sentience” is proof that while lyrics and vocals are often large and important parts of music, they are not at all essential.  And perhaps one could look at it from the angle that if the music is truly good enough, it doesn’t need vocals.  Ivan Verrastro’s music is truly good enough to stand on it’s own.  Perhaps the best way I can describe Ivan’s music is to have you imagine Dave Matthews minus the vocals with a bit more of a worldly, experimental sound.

“Sentience” uses a bevvy of instruments in a number of ways to create elegant and peaceful sound-scapes as well as captivating and entrancing mood-enhancing songs such as Natural Awakening and Once upon a Dawn.  As a painter would use paint and canvas to create a beautiful, scenic masterpiece, Ivan Verrastro uses soft and subtle guitar, reverb, and other melodic sounds in the song Natural Awakening to create his scenic masterpiece.  All it takes is for the listener to close their eyes and let the music do the painting.

The amazing thing about Natural Awakening was that after I finished listening to it I said, “Aww, that song wasn’t long enough.”  I then went to replay the song and realized it is a 10 minute long song.  After listening to a 10 minute song my first thought was that it wasn’t long enough and that I wanted more.  That’s not just the sign of a great song, that’s the sign of an epic song.

Ivan VerrastroIvan’s bio uses the word “spiritual” when describing his music, and to be quite honest, that’s about the best adjective you can use.  You do more than just listen to the songs on “Sentience”.  You experience them – you feel them.  Somehow you feel every note of Ivan’s guitar solos.  You feel each and every sound, every drum beat as if your body were the instrument.  That may sound odd to you and you may not understand it at first, but after hearing the album, it will be crystal clear.

By the time you’ve finished listening to Ivan Verrastro’s “Sentience” you will undoubtedly be aware of (at least) three things: 1) Your mood will be improved, regardless of how good or bad of a mood you had prior to listening.  2) Ivan Verrastro is a master of his craft and whatever instrument he chooses to command.  3) Sentience is a perfect title for this album.

I’ve said this before, but it bares repeating that being in a band is tough, both mentally and physically.  But being a solo artist is orders of magnitude more difficult because there’s usually nobody there to give you a kick start or keep you on a plan or schedule.  If you get in a creative funk, you, and only you, can get yourself out of it.  Being a solo artist requires massive amounts of dedication to your craft and yourself.   It requires passion and pride.  Ivan Verrastro’s album, “Sentience”, is a perfect example of what can be accomplished if someone has the vision, the skills, the passion and the determination.

SentienceDo yourselves a favor and check out some snippets of the album below via SoundCloud, and be sure to check out Ivan’s links as well.  You can purchase his amazing album, “Sentience”, via the Amazon or CD Baby links below.  As always, don’t be stingy with the share buttons!  Give Ivan a “Like” on Facebook, a follow on the Tweeter machines and tell all your friends about the wonderful music.  Enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

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