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The Non-Domestiks
Band Name: The Non-Domestiks
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Philadelphia
Year Formed: 1999
Band Members: Rosalba Gallo, Katrina Wylie
Genres: Melodic Rock, Paid Promo, Rock

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The Non-Domestiks Background Info

“Take early 70’s ballad pop in the likes of the Carpenters and Elton John, combine it with a hint of art and prog rock with classical influences similar to the Moody Blues and Renaissance, then throw in some Lou Reed, Bowie and Rundgren for a little edge and you may have an idea of what The Non-Domestiks sound like.”

“So who are the The Non-Domestiks? Two multi-instrumentalists by the name of Rosalba Gallo and Katrina Wylie currently celebrating their third CD release, “September Monday.”
A concept album, the idea for “September Monday” was brought about by a news story that mentioned that statistically there were more suicides on Mondays in September than any other time. It tells the story of a relationship from the beginning through rough times, a break up and then a break down. But it moves past that breakdown to a better place, a place of inner peace.”

MarsBands’ Promo

The Non-DomestiksIf you’re a fan of old-school Rock and Roll or you enjoy the softer side of Rock, The Non-Domestiks latest album, “September Monday”, has exactly what you’re looking for.  The album ranges from crunchy guitars to soft, acoustic melodies.  From melancholic vocals to peaceful, encompassing stories.  Running the gamut of genres, The Non-Domestiks will Rock you, Pop you, and Reggae you.  They’ll feed your outer Rocker while soothing your inner soul.  Taking a page from Rockers, musicians and storytellers of the 70s, many of the songs from “September Monday” have a distinct retro sound and feel with a hint of Trippy-ness.

“September Monday” is a culmination of songs that share one prominent characteristic: passion.  Nearly every song has brilliant vocal harmony and an extremely infectious melody.  Some of the songs gave off hints of other bands, like the song “How Does it Feel”.  “How Does it Feel” had a very Tracy Bonham-type vibe to it with its crunchy, flange-smothered guitars.

The album’s name-sake song, “September Monday”, produced hints of Radiohead – almost a Karma Police kind of sound that I was particularly fond of.  The song I liked the most, however, was “Don’t Tell Me Why”.  “Don’t Tell Me Why” has a throw-back sound similar to some of the greatest songs of the 70s.  A quick, upbeat tempo reminiscent of your 70s Folk Rock, “Don’t Tell Me Why” was a combination of soothing acoustic guitar, impeccable vocal harmony, and intricately crafted lyrics.

The Non-Domestiks“Don’t Tell Me Why” is pure literary genius with musical accompaniment, exquisitely performed with the deepest of passions.  In fact, all of the songs from The Non-Domestiks album, “September Monday”, are thought-provoking masters of wordplay.  The album is 15 songs brimming with unfettered creativity.  The album as a whole cannot properly be summarized by labeling it as Rock or Pop.  The song “If I Had a Wish” has a distinctive Reggae sound to it, while “Flying High” had a very trippy, psychedelic feel to it.  And while the album may change gears and genres throughout, each song somehow manages to blend seamlessly into the next, creating one cohesive blanket of sound that warmly washes over the listener, encouraging them to slow down and listen up.

While The Non-Domestiks’ latest release, “September Monday”, may not be a headbanging, mosh-pit creating album, it is absolutely worth every second spent listening.  Within the album you’ll find pieces of Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Folk, and even Reggae.  You’ll hear some of the most passionate songs you’ve ever heard coupled with some of the most beautiful harmony you could ever imagine.  Your ears will twitch with each delightful melody and your mind will thank you for making the fantastic decision of giving The Non-Domestiks a listen.

Be sure to check out their links below and give a listen to some of their older material via ReverbNation.  You can purchase “September Monday” on iTunes or on CDBaby.  Also, make sure you share this amazing duo with all your friends!  Enjoy!


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Philadelphia, PA, USA


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