Band Info
Band Name: NOY
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: New York City
Year Formed: 2014
Band Members: NOY
Genres: Pop, Pop Rock


Noy Background Info

A native of Israel, NOY is an emerging singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, NOY studied vocal development with prestigious instructors in Israel and New York. When she was five years old, NOY performed in a popular children’s video.

At the age of ten, NOY joined the children’s choir of the Academy of Music and Dance, where she studied classical music, history of music and opera. At 15, she joined a popular teen band that performed around Israel. As part of her mandatory military service, NOY was the soloist of the military band in Israeli.

Upon moving to New York City, NOY studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and received her BFA in Performing Arts from the New School. NOY’s television credits include Israel’s equivalent of “American Idol”. NOY recently finished recording her debut album, which will be released in April 2014.

MarsBands Promo

NOYNOY has a new single out called “Love Trap” that you need to make your ears aware of.  A brilliant mix of Pop, Soul, Jazz and Rock, NOY’s “Love Trap” will make your senses tingle.  With a little bit of Funk to it, as the guitar is kind of a blend of Pop Rock, with hints of 80s Pop Rock and some 70s experimental Rock.  A slightly crunchy guitar riff plays throughout and will immediately hook you.  There is also a fantastic guitar solo (I’m a sucker for awesome guitar solos) that closes out the song that any fan of guitar solos needs to hear.

NOY’s soft, yet powerfully strong voice, provides plenty of Soul and was the focal point of the song for me.  NOY’s voice, on many occasions, reminded me of some of the great women Soul singers.  She was able to hit the high notes, low notes and everything in between.  Her vocals were accentuated by the sparkling and intelligent lyrics and the fantastic melody of the music.

The beat of the song is very nicely paced, as there are no slow parts to the song at all.  At the very least, this song is a toe-tapper.  You will find yourself swaying to the beat and possibly even find yourself up and dancing.  Yes, NOY’s single, “Love Trap”, is that compelling.  This song is all-around extremely well composed, perfectly performed and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

NOYThe single, “Love Trap”, has definitely piqued my interest and has me looking forward to her debut album in April.  After you have been thouroughly Jazzed, Popped, Rocked, and all around musically moved, be sure to check out NOY’s links below so you can get all the information you can about her and her amazing music.  Also, be sure to share those links with your friends so they can be musically enlightened.  As always, enjoy!


NOY Links

Website  Facebook  Twitter  SoundCloud

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