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The Wicked End Promo
Band Name: The Wicked End
Official Website:
Origin: Delaware, USA
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Mitch Wessell, Ryan McGaha, Mat Cintron, Tommy Zackowski, Mark Shorter
Genres: Metal, Rock

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“5 Rockers born to rock who are now currently rocking”

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Music can often be therapeutic.  And just like with any therapy, there are different kinds for different ailments.  The Wicked End’s latest EP, Transfer of Power, is excellent therapy for people who are a bit angry or just need an emotional release.  That’s not to say I was angry or upset while I listened, but it’s one of those EPs that I’ll keep in mind for the future.  And while The Wicked End label themselves as Metal, don’t confuse it with your “typical” Metal music.  “Transfer of Power” far transcends mere Metal.

The Wicked EndWhile the Metal element of the music certainly shines through with it’s break-neck drums, sharply shred guitars and iconic vocals there is more than a healthy dose of Rock and even a little Classic Rock elements to the album that simply cannot be ignored.  But when it is all put together, The Wicked End’s Transfer of Power EP is powerfully captivating, passionate and energetic.

One of my favorite songs off the EP was “Where’s the War”.  It reminded me a bit of System of a Down, particularly the quick manner in which the lyrics were delivered and the impeccable vocal harmony.  Vocal harmony isn’t usually one of the strong points of most Metal bands, but The Wicked End made it a very prominent part of their repertoire, and in “Where’s the War”, specifically.

I also really liked the song “Sights and Sounds”.  It was a brilliant composition, displaying the softer side of The Wicked End while at the same time staying true to their loud and expressive side.  The song was really more Rock than Metal and again demonstrated their prowess of vocal harmony.  Switching from a soft, expressive intro into a powerfully vibrant chorus gave me goosebumps.  I was actually kind of caught off guard.

The Wicked EndEven though I was aware of the type of music The Wicked End creates, I was preparing myself for a soft song.  And despite the fact I could feel the song gradually building, I was still completely floored with the quick transition from soft to loud.  It was exquisite.  As the song winds down you are treated to a Classic Rock-type of serenade of vocal harmony.  I actually got an Aerosmith type of feeling during the end of the song.  That’s why I say The Wicked End is more than just Metal.  They are so much more.

The Wicked End did a fantastic job of compiling their EP, “Transfer of Power”.  An excellent selection of songs perfectly illustrating everything the band is capable of doing.  From brilliant guitar solos to the furious pace of the drums, there’s so much to like.  For me it was the completely unexpected, yet masterfully executed, vocal harmony that caught my attention.  If you’re a fan of Metal, Rock or even Classic Rock The Wicked End should fit comfortably into your music collection.  Give their EP a listen below via Bandcamp and be sure to give them a Like on Facebook.  Enjoy!

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Delaware, USA

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