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Vinyl Floor
Band Name: Vinyl Floor
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year Formed: 2007
Band Members: Thomas Charlie Pedersen, Rasmus Bruun, Daniel Pedersen
Genres: Alternative Rock

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Vinyl Floor Background Info

Vinyl Floor was formed in 2007. VF hail from Copenhagen, Denmark. Vinyl Floor has toured Japan, Germany, UK and ‘Peninsula’ was recorded in Malmö, Sweden with the addition of the Vindla String Quartet. In 2012 ‘Peninsula’ was placed on the 55´th annual official Grammy ballot in three different categories (all in the rock field, among those ‘best rock album’).

MarsBands Review

To start with, I gave a listen to Vinyl Floor’s most recent release – their single, “A Random Kind of Delight”.  In a nutshell, it was pretty spectacular.  Strong vocals, impeccable harmony, and a catchy riff and beat.  The song was slow, yet methodically beautiful.  The strong and impressive vocal harmony made me think of The Stickies and the soft and delicate guitar plucking was mesmerizing.  It was certainly an evolution from the Rock sound of their 2012 release, “Peninsula”.

Vinyl FloorVinyl Floor’s 2012 release, “Peninsula”, while harder and Rockier than their recent single, was equally as pleasing.  This band doesn’t short-change you in the least.  “Peninsula” has 12 brilliantly crafted songs that not only give music connoisseurs everything they could have wanted (and then some), but the album also appeals to the music lover on a budget, as you can download 12 songs for just $4.  Now math has never been my strong point (hence, I’m a writer), but that works out to just 33cents a song.  When you take in to account the quality of the music you are purchasing, it’s not just a great deal, it’s highway robbery.

“Peninsula” is a brilliant album, as the band mixed different genres of Rock music and changed up the tempo and intensity of the songs which kept me on the edge of my seat.  The songs on the album blend seamlessly from one to the next.  While some bands release an album where every song has a very similar sound or beat to it, Vinyl Floor’s “Peninsula” is a refreshing collection of creativity and expert craftsmanship that accentuates and highlights each song’s uniqueness.  Each song off “Peninsula” has its own identity.

And while Vinyl Floor’s new single, “A Random Kind of Delight”, certainly piqued my interest and got my ears excited for a new album from Vinyl Floor, my favorite song by the band was from their album “Peninsula” called “Force You Through”.  First off, let me preface this by saying the song is Rock.  But that Rock is infused with bits and pieces of other genres which elevates “Force You Through” from just “a song” to a masterpiece.

“Force You Through” has a quick pace to it and is interlaced with sharp guitar riffs and solos.  The drums make a strong presence throughout the song’s entirety.  This may just be me, but I got a certain 80’s Rock vibe from this song without that overly strong 80’s sound.  Well, that made a lot more sense in my head, but hopefully you’ll understand what I mean when you listen to the song.

Vinyl FloorAs you all know, harmony is my most favorite part of any band’s music.  Vinyl Floor certainly has no shortage of harmony.  In fact, the song calls on a bit of Punk influence towards the end as the vocals start to blend with amazingly strong backing vocals.  The entire song emits such a massive amount of energy and passion that I immediately fell in love with it.  It was love at first listen.


Do your ears a huge favor and give Vinyl Floor a listen.  They’ve got everything a music lover could want – great singing, excellent song composition, catchy beats, some amazing melodies and intelligent lyrics.  Be sure to check out their links below.  You can purchase their music from their website, give them a “Like” on Facebook and a follow on the Twitter machines.  Be a good music lover and share them with your friends.  Enjoy!

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