Little Red Claudia

Band Info
Band Name: Little Red Claudia
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Year Formed: 2013
Band Members: Melissa Sammut (Vocalist), Ilya Chkoliar (Guitar), Matt Spence (Guitar), Peter Mayberry (Bass Guitar), Brad Shaw (Drums)
Genres: Rock

Little Red Claudia






Little Red Claudia Background Info

“Little Red Claudia is a 5 piece modern rock band from Melbourne Australia. This new group is currently gigging around Melbourne and getting things together to release their first ep in November. Little Red Claudia was founded by Ilya Chkoliar who started out making music as a hobby, his songs gained interest and he was offered gigs in Melbourne.”

“Ilya being a one man band needed to get a band together to be able to perform, he found himself stuck with Melissa Sammut, the most talented singer imaginable and turned to his best friend Matt Spence from high school to help write songs and perform. Peter Mayberry the bassist is a work friend of Ilya’s and Matt with Brad Shaw the former metal drummer jumping on board the Claudia craze.”

MarsBands Reviews

Little Red ClaudiaNot that my theory needed more proof, but this band is just further validation that female fronted bands have that certain “je ne sais quoi” that male fronted bands can only dream of having.  Not long ago you were introduced to another female fronted band, The Normal Living.  Over the years we have provided numerous examples of amazing female Rockers like Dead Sara, Catfight, The LBians and Well Hung Heart.  And now you have the pleasure of listening to Little Red Claudia.  Aside from having a pretty awesome name, there’s a lot to like about this band.

For starters, I love the rawness of the music.  It isn’t your highly processed, digitally pristine sounding music.  While some people enjoy being able to hear a pin drop in the background of a song, I prefer a more Lo-fi feel similiar to that of a vinyl record.  Now, whether intentional or not, Little Red Claudia’s music is a little raw – but it is amazing.  It reminds me a lot of The LBians’ recordings, essentially saying “hey, here were are, this is what we do.  Listen up.”  And once you start listening, you’re going to find it hard to stop.

While Little Red Claudia certainly Rocks, I’m not so sure how to really classify their sound.  It’s certainly not Pop or Folk or anything like that.  Rock seems to fit, but rather than being a Dead Sara or Well Hung Heart type or Rock that gets loud and a little crazy, Little Red Claudia is more of a subdued, creepy, seeping into your brain and making you think while they fondle your eardrums type of Rock – almost as if they are holding back just a bit.

That tad bit of musical foreplay only serves to reel you in even more.  Like that quiet person in school or at work who rarely says anything, but when they do, you’re stunned by their brilliant insight or wisdom, Little Red Claudia may not be the loudest, hardest Rocking, or flashiest band around.  But when they perform, you’ll listen, because you’ll be drawn in by not only what you hear but by what you don’t hear.  It’s all about persona.

My favorite song was “Little Girl Claudia”, but I was a pretty big fan of “Goodbye” also.  Both songs seemed to have that slow, methodical way of capturing my attention and keeping it.  The creepy, grungy, almost foreboding way in which they present these two songs is so intriguing, not only did it make me want to hear more of their music, it also made me want to find out more about the people, specifically the one writing the lyrics.  That’s the trademark of a good band or musician.  They have peaked my interest and can’t wait to hear more from them.

Give a listen to Little Red Claudia via our friends at ReverbNation and hear for yourself what all my buzz is about.  Check out their Facebook page and give them a thumbs-up, and be sure to share them with your friends.  As always, enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Melbourne VIC, Australia


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