Six Times Seven

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Six Times Seven
Band Name: Six Times Seven
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Boston, MA, USA
Year Formed: 2011
Band Members: Stevie Caldwell, Ron Levine, Dave Zimmerman
Genres: Alternative Rock, Rock

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Six Times Seven Background Info

“Contrast, conflict, and a lurking darkness weave their way through Six Times Seven’s driving energy. A 90s-era alternative core with a dose of early-70s proto-metal growling beneath, their heavy, dynamic style of rock is an intense package of diversity that reflects the same element in their roster.”

MarsBands Review

Six Times Seven is a fantastic mixture of both the old and the new – possessing a distinct 90s Alt-Rock vibe with a fresh, modern sound.  While listening to Six Times Seven’s debut EP, brilliantly entitled “A Lesbian, a Jew, and a Dave”, their sound reminded me of other bands I have discovered such as In Cahoots and Claire on a Dare only with more 90s feel.

I happen to be quite partial to the music, sound, and feel of the second greatest era in music – the 90s – (obviously the 60s & 70s are the golden age of music and probably will never be equaled or topped).  So hearing a band like Six Times Seven, who not only embraces the creativity and sound of the 90s, but uses that sound as their calling card is a real treat for me.

Stevie Caldwell has a voice perfectly suited for the type of music Six Times Seven creates.  Ranging from soft to loud, mellow to ecstatic, I had no problem picking up on her emotions.  The guitar is exactly what you’d expect from a band influenced by the 90s – loud, scratchy, fuzzy, and intimidating.  The bass lines in every song were prominent, much more so than you might normally hear with other bands.

As a whole, the album felt very unprocessed to me.  It didn’t sound like there was tons of editing, layering, or tweaking done to it.  There was a certain rawness to the EP that I really liked, especially in my favorite song “Awake”.  Starting off with nothing more than an eardrum tickling bass line, the song gradually picks up the pace and takes on a harder, edgier sound before gracefully fading off at the end.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to “A Lesbian, a Jew, and a Dave” from Six Times Seven.  They found a way to pay homage to the 90s while not being another rehash.  When old meets new the results can be unpredictable.  But when you listen to Six Times Seven, I predict that you’ll quickly become a fan.  Give their EP below a listen via Bandcamp and be sure to check out their links.  After listening and enjoying, please share them with your friends!  Enjoy!

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