Andrea Plamondon Feat. Safffra

Band Info
Andrea Plamondon Feat. Safffra
Band Name: Andrea Plamondon Featuring Safffra
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: California/Ghana africa
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Andrea Plamondon, Safffra
Genres: Hip-Hop, Opera, Rock

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Andrea Plamondon Featuring Safffra Background Info

The New England born artist, actress, lyricist, and vocalist, began performing in theatre and musicals at age 14, and was first noticed by visiting artist Rick Brant of the N.Y. Metropolitan Opera. Brant told Plamondon, she had a voice that would land her “leading roles with the Met”, should she so desire.  At age 19, she had been attending Mass College of Art on a full scholarship, when the suicide of her older and only brother left Andrea reeling.

Leaving her eastern roots behind, with guitar in Angela Plamondon feat. Safffrahand, she began a hitchhiking adventure which would take her from coast to coast, as far north as Inuvik in the arctic circle, and back east to Quebec. In total, she traversed the North American continent seven times, meeting countless characters, and once being given a ride by an impressed member of the multi-platinum and Grammy winning band “Earth Wind and Fire”.

Eventually Andrea settled in San Francisco where she earned a bachelor of Humanities with an emphasis in poetics, and pursued studies in Middle Eastern, Turkish and 14th century Ladino music, plus over ten years training in classical voice and opera.  As an artist who combines vocal prowess, and a flair for improvisation with contemporary genres, Plamondon’s work is both atmospheric and entrancing.

She has performed in many of San Francisco’s most popular clubs and venues, including the opening for the S.F. Burning Man Festival at the San Francisco Opera Plaza, and the S.F. Middle Eastern Festival held at the eclectic Noe Valley Ministry.  Andrea is currently working with rapper and hiphop artist Terblelos of Ghana Africa, on the transoceanic project “Safffra”.

MarsBands Review

Andrea Plamondon has an incredibly strong voice which is immediately evident once you take a listen to her music.  Not only is it strong, it is brilliantly sound and pitch perfect.  It’s so astounding more people aren’t aware of her voice that it’s almost criminal.

A voice this strong, this well tuned, this amazing should be heard by people the world over.  She has the kind of voice that Opera singers and the stars on Broadway would sell their soul for.  Andrea has the type of voice that would fit into a lot of genres, which explains why her musical style is so encompassing.

Angela Plamondon feat. SafffraRanging from Soft Rock to Hip Hop (with some hints of Electronic) to Punk to Rock and everything in between, Andrea Plamondon featuring Safffra easily appeals to a very wide audience.  The first time you listen you’ll be hooked by her strong voice which, the more you listen, the more you are drawn in.

Putting you nearly into a trance, her voice resonates melodically.  Singing in perfect harmony with the music, you can’t help but feel the music, not just hear it.  The best way to describe the music is just the way it’s described in her bio; atmospheric.

When you listen to the music from Andrea Plamondon feat. Safffra, you feel like it is surrounding you, gently wrapping you in sound like a warm blanket.  This won’t make any sense until you listen to the music, but it feels like the music is coming from all corners of the room, bombarding you in melody, harmony, elegance, raw power and emotion.

But this isn’t just music.  No, this is way beyond music.  This is performance art for the ears, ladies and gentlemen; The very thing MarsBands has been trying to remind people of.  Music is about self-expression, it’s about art, it’s about sharing emotions in the only way that makes sense.  This is a woman who has endured the worst that life could throw at her, and instead of being destroyed by it, she was born anew.  Born out of tragedy – as the best music, unfortunately, so often is – the beautiful, caressing music of Andrea is nothing if not passionate and full of emotion.

Andrea Plamondon feat. SafffraIf you’re in the mood for something that will captivate not just your ears but your mind as well, you can’t do any better than Andrea Plamondon feat. Safffra.  My favorite song was “No More Silence ft. Joy FM”.  It has a great beat and really shows how diverse Andrea’s music can be, as it has a slight Punk Rock edge to it.  What is your favorite song?  Let us know in the comments below, and as always, enjoy!

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