Des Chio

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Des Chio
Band Name: Des Chio
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Melbourne- Australia
Year Formed: 2013
Band Members: Dante', Kiana, Joel, Jacob
Genres: Indie, Pop



Des Chio Background Info

Originally formed under the name ’ToBeHonest’ (2012), it was decided that a sound and lineup change was in order. In December 2013, the rejuvenated and energetic ‘Des Chio’ was born. Take a listen to this upbeat, fun and mature catchy band once and fall in LOVE with Indie/pop/rock music all over again.

Des Chio is currently made up of Dante’ Peluso (vocals/guitar), Joel Brazil (bass guitar), Jacob long (drums/percussion) & Kiana Kelsall (Vocal). They have been making quite an impression since October as a band that “brings a breath of fresh air to what music has evolved into today”.

MarsBands Promo

Des ChioDes Chio, the newly formed/reinvented band from Melbourne, Australia, has a new single they’d like to bestow upon your ears.  Above you can listen to “Time With Me”, a catchy Pop song filled with potential, enthusiasm, talent and passion.  The vocals are strong and clear, perfectly pitched and vibrant.  The lyrics are smart and well crafted, making this a multidimensional band.  The vocal harmony was fantastic and really added a little something extra to the song.

The music itself is also very well done.  Perfectly executed, excellently prepared, this is simply a clever and catchy Pop song that you’ll quickly find yourself addicted to.  The bass is well represented in this single, as, aside from the remarkable vocals, it is one of the most prominent aspects of the song. It’s often difficult to make a bass-heavy song that also contains a significant amount of melody, yet, Des Chio found a way to do it with “Time With Me”.

The drum line is solid and upbeat, giving the song a forward momentum even during some of the quieter areas.  And while the guitar wasn’t as prominent as some other instruments, it certainly made itself heard during a brief, Jazzy solo towards the end of the song.

Des ChioIf you haven’t heard of Des Chio yet, don’t worry, they’re just getting started.  And if “Time With Me” is any indication, the future is bright for this group of musicians!  Be sure to check out their links below so you can follow them on Facebook, keep track of shows and to know when they come out with more awesome new music!  Obviously, you should be telling your friends all about them if they haven’t yet heard the greatness.  Enjoy!

Des Chio Links

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