Psychotic Reaction

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Psychotic Reaction
Band Name: Psychotic Reaction
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Norman, Oklahoma
Year Formed: 2007
Band Members: Whitt Condit, Nolan Dacus, Bobby Layton
Genres: Garage, Psychedelic, Punk

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Psychotic Reaction Background Info

“What brought on the Psychotic Reaction? Was it a virus germinated in dank basements, dusty garages and dirty barns? A side effect of living among fanatical music-loving outcasts? Or perhaps a hereditary psychedelic malady borne by forefathers Black Flag, Blue Cheer and The Stooges?”

“Whatever its origin, Psychotic Reaction’s members hope their new album, “I Don’t Know How to Tell You This But Here’s Psychotic Reaction,” is the beginning of an outbreak.  Although the grimy, garage-rock scene has become increasingly paisley around the edges in recent years, the local five-piece is still all about a fat, throbbing groove attacked with feral ferocity.”

Psychotic Reaction“Like the inspiration for the name (The Count Five’s signature Top 10 single), the act’s members share an abiding love for raw, obscure ’60s garage-rock. It’s a throaty, wall-rattling approach that covers a wide spectrum, from stoner rock to old-school punk and amplified guitar psychedelia.”

MarsBands Review

Mmmmm, Grungy!  If you’re a fan of real music and not that over-processed crap you hear on the radio, you are going to fall in love with Psychotic Reaction very quickly!  Psychotic Reaction is going to Rock your ass off with their catchy riffs, stiff beats and devil-may-care vocals.  A cross of Rock, Garage, Punk, Psychedelia – and probably a few other awesome things – Psychotic Reaction is not only fun to listen to, it is exciting.  This is Old-School.  This is what I wish more music was like.

I loved the guitars for this music, as they had that crunchy, biting sound to them, like in my favorite song “Outta My Head”.  That song absolutely Rocked my world and immediately made me a fan of the band.  The simple yet hypnotizing beat, biting guitar and thumping bass are everything you could ever ask for in a song.  I’ll admit, listening to this song gave me a massive headache.  Why?  I couldn’t stop from headbanging.  And I got a little out of control.  And my guess is that when you listen you’ll get a little out of control as well.  The song is brilliant.

Psychotic ReactionThe vocals are truly unique, as you quickly get that “real” Punk sound.  Not that stupid teeny-bopper “Punk” crap, but real Punk, like Panic (or Black Flag as you may know them).  What’s fun about the vocals is the switch from an almost singing-to-no-one-in-particular to screaming at the top of their lungs, ripping your attention from anything else and focusing it squarely on the brilliance that is Psychotic Reaction.

If you haven’t already started listening to the songs below brought to you by the good folks over at ReverbNation, I suggest you start with “Outta My Head” and then jump to “Cavestomp”.  Cavestomp was another dazzling song with a ferocious pace, ferocious guitar, ferocious everything.  It also has a pretty awesome guitar solo type deal going on.  Then, if you’re like me and a huge fan of the drums, check out “No Way Out”.  The drumming in that song is superb and coming from a former (not so great) drummer, a truly impressive effort.

If you ever happen to be walking around and you hear someone listening to crappy radio Punk or, heaven forbid, you have a family member who listens to that putrid stuff, direct them to Psychotic Reaction and wait for the “thank you”.  Honestly, as a lover of music, it is your duty to save the ears of those who don’t know better.  Presenting anyone with Psychotic Reaction will impress them with your knowledge of music and surely gain you some new friends.  And speaking of friends, after checking out all of Psychotic Reaction’s links, giving them some “Likes”, follows, sharing, and all that good stuff, share the wealth and tell your friends!  Enjoy!


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Where They Are From

Norman, OK, USA

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