Band Info
Band Name: GSlide
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Bridgeport, PA
Year Formed: 2010
Band Members: Bruce Carter - Vocals-Guitar-Drums, Dara Bradley -Vocals, Eimear Bradley -Vocals, Dave Sheehan -Bass
Genres: Acoustic, Classic Rock










GSlide Background Info

GSlide is a band of Irish and American artists. Their compositions are eclectic and range from acoustic to electric, and gently tap nearly every genre from hard-grooving rock to funky blues to middle-eastern melodies.

Formed in 2010, Bruce Carter, the founder of GSlide, quit his full-time job to live in Cork Ireland. While there he met the incomparable Bradley Sisters, Dara and Eimear and quickly forged a strong writing bond. GSlide’s debut album “This Too Shall Pass” was released on November 13, 2010. The album was well received and peaked on ( at #20. “This Too Shall Pass” features the sultry “Always Next Time” and the uptempo gem “Summer Wine”.

Between 2011-12 Carter returned to Cork to finish the writing for the follow-up “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” Much like their debut, GSlide’s “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” is rich in diversity featuring the pub crawl inspired “Sweet Lunatic and the memories of a fun, but all too short summer fling in “Wildberry”. The album is slated for release on 09/14/2013.

MarsBands Review

GSlideGSlide’s recent release of “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” is a mixture of different genres, sounds, and styles.  From one song to the next you’re never quite sure what to expect.  Containing elements of Rock, Pop, and even some Folk and Americana, GSlide doesn’t let a label constrict their creativity or music.  Ranging from soft and slow to edgy and Rocky to upbeat and peppy, the diversity of styles contained in “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” is like a grab-bag of songs.

Employing the use of a variety of instruments to create some rather sophisticated and intricate music, some of the songs off their new album, such as Tent City, are a little Pink Floyd-esque meets The Blue Valentines with a unique GSlide twist.  Then other songs, like Mine Used To Be, have a certain Well Hung Heart vibe to them.  GSlide seems to take some of the best aspects currently in the music world and combine them into a musical field day for the ears.

One of my favorite songs from “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” was Golden Monkey.  Aside from having a brilliant title, the song was absolutely beautiful.  A simple acoustic guitar riff that, despite its simplicity, was mesmerizing and captivating.  I enjoyed how the song started off very soft and very quiet only to gain steam as it progressed.  And as the song reached its crescendo with a soft Rock beat, it faded away just as magically as it began.

GSlide’s album, “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” is a diverse collection of intricately crafted and beautifully performed songs filled with passion and emotion.  A perfectly executed album where, despite the diversity of the album, each song seamlessly segues from one to the next, “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” is a must-hear collection.  Do yourselves a favor and give them a listen!  Be sure to check out their music and links below, and be sure to share them with your friends!  Enjoy!


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Where They Are From

Bridgeport, PA, USA

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