About MarsBands

Are you happy with the music you hear on the radio nowadays? If so, this site isn’t for you.

We think mainstream radio has destroyed the very essence of music and replaced it with trendy, talentless, fame and fortune seeking puppets.  MarsBands searches the Internet tirelessly to find new, unknown, and under-appreciated bands and artists from across the globe.  MarsBands will provide visitors with music that is soulful and passionate.

Many of the bands and artists you will find here are either unsigned, on their own label, or on some fairly obscure label. And while you might find the rare band on this site that is on a big-name label, generally those bands and artists are from overseas, where they haven’t yet sold out for American fame. We encourage you to support the bands and artists you find on this site by buying their music and going to their shows (if possible).

When we find a band or artist that we like, we write a little bit about them.  We may not win any awards for our fantastically fluent and eloquent writing, but that’s not our goal.  All we’re trying to do in our reviews is let you know who the band or artist is, give you a little background info on them, and tell you why we like them or what/who they sound like.  Ultimately, our words shouldn’t mean much of anything to anyone.  It’s all about the music.

Over the coming months MarsBands will be introducing some new features and services that we feel will be helpful for independent bands and musicians.  As always, our services are created with the best interests (and budgets) of independent bands and musicians in mind.  Be sure to Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and sign up for our monthly newsletter to find out when our new features and services become available.

If you are a musician or in a band and would like to be reviewed by MarsBands, please fill out a review request form by clicking on “Submit” in the nav menu above.

Visitors are encouraged to inform us about a band or artist they like in the following ways:

    • Click on “Submit” in the navigation menu
    • Use the Feedback button at the top of every page
    • Email Mars directly: mars /at/ marsbands /dot/ com
    • Leave a comment on any band or artist’s page


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