Band Info
Band Name: Karma
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Toronto, Canada
Year Formed: 2011
Band Members: D€€ (Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Keyboards), Abhi (Drums/Programming/Keyboards), Mangesh Moghe (Guitars), Anand Kulkarni (Vocals, Bass, Guitars)
Genres: Rock







Karma Background Info

KARMA was formed in 2011 with the intention to bring together a few friends under the same roof and re-weave their dreams to create music that originates from their souls. “Lost Again” is a project that reflects their influences from various genres and times of music. It’s an album portraying simplicity with strong lyrics and tasteful production skills.

MarsBands Review

Rocky goodness from North of the border, Karma has a brilliant take on the Modern Rock sound.  Nothing over-the-top or crazy wild, Karma introduces the listener to the perfect blend of passion and intensity.  Catchy guitar riffs, accompanied by some sweet bass licks and a sharp drum beat, are just the tip of the Karma iceberg.  The more you listen, the more you things you’ll like.  In fact, the more I listened, the more I began to hear the Classic KarmaRock side of Karma, despite their influences not directly noting any Classic Rock bands.

From guitar solos to the vocals to the aggressive, yet slightly subdued drums, there was an incredibly distinct Classic Rock sound to Karma, which I personally found very appealing.  Like in the song “Black Rainbow“, I picked up on a kind of Boston/Kansas type vibe while listening to it.  Whether intentional or not, if you’re making music and people start comparing your sound to Boston or Kansas, you’re definitely doing something right!

The vocals were, to me, one of the more interesting aspects of the band.  Specifically the song “Lost Again“.  I felt a faint, yet distinct, Pink Floyd vibe from the vocals in that song, which was obviously an unexpected surprise.  I really liked the background piano during the chorus as well, as it kind of created a contrasting feeling of tenseness to the vocals and rest of the song, which had a slower, softer, gently encompassing feel to it.  For all you artsy people out there, it was like complimenting purple with yellow – magnificent!

KarmaAnd while I really enjoyed “Black Rainbow” and “Lost Again”, my favorite song was “Stranger“.  I really liked the slow, deliberate pace of the song.  I enjoyed the foreboding, despondent feeling the song created.  But I loved the brilliance of the chorus.  When the chorus in “Stranger” started, my heart skipped a beat and I immediately moved to the edge of my seat.  Oddly enough, I got kind of an Offspring type feel for the song as well.  Kind of a harmonic, rhythmic chant, the chorus resonated in my ears.  I had to listen to that song a number of times before I could move on to the next.

You don’t hear a lot of Rock bands nowadays that use guitar solos.  And when you do, they usually aren’t all that fantastic.  Karma is the exception to that depressing trend.  The guitar solos created in Karma’s songs are brilliant, excellently crafted and composed, and fit their respective songs perfectly.  As I have stated on a number of occasions, the art of guitar solos seemed to die off with some of the great Classic Rock bands.  But every now and then I’ll find a band like Karma who gives me hope for the future of Rock and guitar solos.  If for no other reason, you’ll like Karma for their guitar solos.

If you’re in the mood for some Rock music, I would suggest checking out Karma.  As you all know, the world of music is a fickle industry, and bands get together and break up about as often as teens in highschool.  But I am pulling for Karma more than most, because I can’t wait to see just how good this band is going to become.  They have everything they need to take the music world by storm.  All that’s left to do is to sit back and watch the show!  Enjoy!

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Where They Are From

Toronto, ON, Canada

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