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E Lafuentes
Band Name: E Lafuentes
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Bronx, New York
Year Formed: 2013
Band Members: Edward Lafuentes
Genres: Metal, Metalcore

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E Lafuentes Background Info

“Ed has cast his musical spell upon the world,inspired by all it’s music’s and peoples Ed has forged forth in the world and continued to do what he does best…HEAVY METAL.  There are plenty of magical musics in the world but none have touched Ed’s heart and soul like HEAVY METAL, from the darkness of Black Sabbath to the speed of Slayer, The evil of Venom to the hard core of S.O.D., the doom of Candlemass and the horror of Alice Cooper and the necromantical sounds of Celtic Frost.  This music is an onslaught of magic and power that moves the body and stimulates the soul.”

MarsBands Review

E LafuentesTime to get a little crazy, music lovers!  Prepare yourself for some of the most brutally magnificent Metal you may ever hear.  E Magic, by E Lafuentes, is powerful, ferocious, melodic album that will get your blood pumping.  And while E Magic falls under the category of Metal music, there are still some very strong elements of Rock which should be more than enough to capture the attention of both Metal and Rock connoisseurs alike.

E Magic isn’t your typical Metal music, in fact, it’s far from it.  Infused with elements of Rock, harmony, melody and most of all, passion, E Magic is an album that you’ll be listening to over and over again.  Each song blends seamlessly from one to the next, creating an album that is cohesive and strong.  E Magic does an excellent job of changing tempos without taking on a sing-song or whimsy type feeling.  Some songs are quite briskly paced while other songs are slower and methodically draw you in to their greatness.

Creating music that is both pleasing to the ears and the mind is not an easy task, though you wouldn’t know it by listening to E Magic.  E Lafuentes appears to effortlessly combine overwhelmingly passionate music with intelligent and emotionally vibrant lyrics.  It’s always a pleasure to listen to music that has been nurtured and carefully crafted.  E Magic, besides being full of some brilliant sounds, is also a masterpiece of emotion and passion.  The lyrics and soul elevate this album from above-average, to out-of-this-world.

My favorite song off the album E Magic was “On The Bar Rock Star” because of the vicious drums and hypnotic vocals; just enough Metal to keep my head-banging, and just enough Rock to keep my blood pumping.  A lot of songs tend to slow down and fade away as they go on.  On The Bar Rock Star didn’t.  As the song progressed, it got louder, stronger, and more vicious.  A beautifully violent song, it has everything you could ever want in a Metal song.  Ferocious vocals, blazing drums, unrelentingly fierce guitar shredding and edgy, and somewhat spooky, vocals.  I also really like “Live For Ever” and “God of War“, so be sure to check those songs out as well.

E Magic, by E Lafuentes, is a must listen for anyone who is a fan of powerful, passionate music – especially if you enjoy Metal.  Give a listen to E Lafuentes below via ReverbNation and let him cast his musical spell on you!  Be sure to give him a Like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter.  And be sure to tell your friends about the awesome music you heard!  Rock on!


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Where They Are From

Bronx, NY, USA

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