Blood Stained Notes

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Blood Stained Notes
Band Name: Blood Stained Notes
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Aberdeen, Scotland
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Jace Parker, Pete Duncan, Bob Matheson, Arne Wern, David Dalgarno
Genres: Grunge, Rock

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Blood Stained Notes Background Info

Blood Stained Notes are a 5 piece rock band from Aberdeen, Scotland. With influences ranging from Grunge, to Sabbath, to old-school punk, they have created their original sound. The bands debut EP, Army With Me, featuring four tracks, will be due for release in Spring 2013.

  • VocalJace Parker: It is no surprise from his unmistakable gravel lined vocal that his influences include grunge scene legends, Chris Cornell, Layne Stayley and Eddie Vedder. A recent UK Songwriting semi finalist with his rock inspired lyrics, he also puts pen to paper for the band.
  • Guitar/VocalsPete The Riff: A veteran of the Aberdeen music scene and the main driving force behind the bands original sound. The Riff has previous form including doing time with Punk revitalists 16 Again, 2-tone Tribute act AKA Ska and stints with The Thorns and One God Universe.
  • Guitar – Bob Matheson: The most recent member of the band and self confessed metal head. His influences include Metallica and Trivium, which can easily be heard as he peels HEAVY riffs from his Ibanez, adding a metal cherry to and otherwise grungy pie.
  • Bass – Arne Wern: Possibly Aberdeens best German import. Arne’s bass playing is equally as sharp as his look, but don’t let the perfect hair and dark rimmed glasses fool you. This man knows how to Rock!
  • Drums – Double D: Some say his hair is made of real flames. This fiery drummer is the backbone to BSN, executing beats that could rocket you into space and bring you crashing back to earth at the drop of his high hat.

MarsBands ReviewBlood Stained Notes

While possessing a fantastic Grunge-Rock sound, Blood Stained Notes also has a slight bit of Classic Rock to their music as well as just a hint of Punk, which should be more than enough to please the ears of even the pickiest of music lovers.  As I listened to Blood Stained Notes I was quite impressed with their music.  It was something new and unique while at the same time, because of the Grunge sound, it was something familiar and comforting. If I may be so bold, Blood Stained Notes’ music conjured up thoughts of the hay-day of Grunge Rock when bands like STP and Alice in Chains graced the ears of fans everywhere.

If you are a fan of awesome guitar solos, you’re going to find yourself uncontrollably drawn to Blood Stained Notes.  Their music is technically sound; excellent transitions from verse to chorus to bridge.  No extra, unnecessary notes.  No out-of-the-way or crazy, absurd riffs.  It’s just straightup Rock that will have your head bobbing along to the beat.  Much of Blood Stained Notes’ music is slow and methodical, patiently reeling you in with every exciting snap of the snare drum and thump of the bass.

A lot of bands will come up with some songs and just as soon as you start to feel it, it’s over.  That won’t happen when you are listening to Blood Stained Notes.  Their songs aren’t short and sweet.  Rather, Blood Stained Notes’ songs are all nearly four minutes long and approach the often discussed but seldom heard “Power Ballad”.  “Out of Reach” would get that label, if I were the decider of such things.  It is a powerful, passionate song that you can’t help but feel every note  of.

Blood Stained NotesThe Classic Rock part of Blood Stained Notes’ sound was most evident to me with their song “How Do You Like It”, which was my second favorite song.  While being a seemingly simple song, it seemed like there was a lot going on with this song because of the intricate guitar riff being played throughout the song instead of using power-chords.  Add to that the background guitar solo and then the awesome wah-filled guitar solo towards the end of the song, and you have yourself one hell of a great song.

My favorite song was “These Four Walls”, and once you listen to it you’ll understand why.  It’s a fantastic song.  It’s hard, it’s loud, it’s excellent Grunge-Rock with even a teasing of Metal.  Jace Parker’s voice was made for this kind of music.  In all honesty, Blood Stained Notes is in the wrong point in time.  And I don’t mean that as a bad thing, because if Grunge wants to make a comeback, I’m all for it.  But this band’s music would have been perfect in the 90s.  I can easily see them in my collection with STP, Alice, and maybe even with Soundgarden.

If you’re looking for something to take you back to the good ‘ol days when Grunge Rock was THEE Rock, you can’t do much better than Blood Stained Notes.  MarsBands highly recommends them and in turn you should recommend them to everyone you know.  Give them a listen and enjoy!

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