Elliott Ranney

Band Info
Band Name: Elliot Ranney
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: St. Louis, MO
Year Formed: 1981
Band Members: Elliot Ranney, Pat Rodriguez
Genres: Acoustic, Jazz


Elliott Ranney Background Info

Elliott Ranney is a singer/songwriter, composing jazz influenced music. Ranney performs at wineries, coffee houses and concert events in the Missouri-Illinois region. He is often joined by his talented wife, Ellen Claire-vocals and close friend, Pat Rodriguez – Latin percussion. Elliott and Pat co-founded their duo, Panacea in 1981 after meeting at their 10 year high school reunion – Kirkwood ’71.

What makes Ranney’s sound unique is his approach to performing finger-style on classical guitar. He began rudimentary finger picking, via a televised guitar course presented by a pre-PBS station in the early 1960’s. He also studied Paul Simon & Joni Mitchell and synched their folk/pop techniques into his early writing style.

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Elliott RanneyJazz music is arguably one of the best types of music because of its innate ability to be unpredictable.  Rock, Pop, and even Folk all have their basic beats and sounds, but Jazz is naturally free and open.  Improv and Jazz go hand in hand, which is why when you listen to Elliott Ranney’s album, Bellevue Shuffle, you will be simply blown away by the journey.

Elliott Ranney is truly a skilled musician in every sense of the word: instrumentally, vocally and lyrically.  His dedication and passion for his craft is clearly evident in every note of all his music, and especially in Bellevue Shuffle.  Overflowing with melodies, harmonies and other ear-tickling pleasantries, this album defines Ranney as a professional musician.  The songs are meticulously and intricately performed – no detail is too small.

Bellevue Shuffle is a very large collection (15 songs!) of amazing Jazz music with very strong Latin influences.  Some of my favorite songs were “Antonio’s Guitar”, “Curve of her Smile”, and “All New Minor Swing”.  I highly suggest that you give those songs first listen, or at least special attention.  Ranging from instrumentals to delicately worded masterpieces, Bellevue Shuffle will hook you on the first note and hold your attention through the entirety of the album.

The unmistakably obvious thing about Ranney’s music is how amazing good he is at guitar.  Anybody can play power-chords or mash up a guitar.  It takes precision and skill to individually pluck strings that as a whole create something beautiful.  The amount of computing power the brain has to go through is immense, and Ranney does it like a master.  His finger-picking is graceful and methodical.  Calculated yet unpredictable.

If you are a fan of Jazz music with Latin influences, look no further than Elliott Ranney’s album, Bellevue Shuffle.  You will be astounded at the craftsmanship, delighted at the arrangement, intrigued with every gentle pluck of every guitar string.  Be sure to check out the links below for more info on Elliott Ranney and share them with your friends.  Sit back and immerse yourself in his world of sound.  Enjoy!

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