Band Info
Band Name: Scrupulous
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Phoenix, Arizona
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Jane Joyce and Shane Sittig
Genres: Alternative Rock, Avante Garde, Rock
photo by John Paul Marchand

photo by John Paul Marchand












 Scrupulous Background Info

“Jane Joyce thrashes slaps taps and all out assaults the bass while singing, screaming, and walloping melodies, rhythms and leads.  Shane Sittig pounds the drums with relentless accuracy and complexity whilst singing like an 80s rock god.  Mixing up the genres and moods, Scrupulous is an Alternative Rock, Avante Garde, Experimental 2 piece that jams grunge, punk, jazz, hip hop, pop, metal, and more.  Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the band formed in 2009 and has produced 2 studio resulting in 26 original tunes!”

MarsBands Review

ScrupulousScrupulous is like nothing you have ever heard before.  Imagine, if you can, an edgier Tracy Bonham meets a tripped out White Stripes, with the creativity and experimental fortitude of Radiohead.  Innovative to the point of wondering if they are actually human or some form of musical deity, the best way I can describe Scrupulous is like this: When you listen to Radiohead, whether you like their music or not, you at the very least have to admire them because of the passion that Thom Yorke sings with.  You have to admire them because they don’t sound like anything else you’ve ever heard.  You have to admire them because they are one of the most unique and original bands you have ever witnessed.  And that’s exactly how I think you’ll view Scrupulous.  My guess is you, as I did, will find their music very much to your liking.  But even if it’s not your cup of tea, you’ll still marvel at how amazingly creative this duo is.

Scrupulous is about as unique as they come.  Jane sings each and every note of each and every song with extreme passion and emotion.  Not concerned with breaking from the pack, Scrupulous simply creates what feels right.  They make music that refuses to fall neatly into any specific genre.  From one song to the next you have no idea what to expect. That surprise from song to song is part of the allure of this band.  Being unique may not always be a good thing, but in this instance, it certainly is.  Scrupulous’ music is unlike anything I’ve heard before, and believe me, I have heard a lot of music.  As if being one of a kind wasn’t enough, Jane and Shane are masters of their voices and instruments.

ScrupulousMy favorite song was “Enigma”, though “Devastation” was an incredibly close second.  Enigma had a kind of spooky, ominous feeling about it.  The repetitive nature of the song put me in a bit of a trance as the background vocals served to tighten the song’s grip on my ears.  The rapid tempo of the drums somehow managed to make my heartbeat match its intensity.  The song morphed from a trippy, encompassing song at the beginning into a marching-beat Rock song towards the end.  Jane’s vocals were eerie, yet captivating and powerful.

“Devastation” is melodic chaos.  Layered music coupled with an almost Punk Rock type vocal style created a song so unlike anything I have ever heard before, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the beauty and passion of the song.  Captivating both the ears and the mind, “Devastation” transcends mere music and puts itself into a category not yet defined by the human language.  The harmonics were the trademark of the song for me, as it’s a technique that you, unfortunately, don’t often hear in today’s music.

Scrupulous is easily in the top 5 bands I have discovered this year simply because they are unique, passionate, and intrepidly creative.  Add to that their amazing musical talents, Jane’s captivating vocals, and Shane’s relentless and masterful drumming and Scrupulous has immediately become a band I will be staying up to date on and desperately waiting on the edge of my seat for anything new.  In a music world where most bands and musicians follow the leader, Scrupulous is trekking their own path forward.  I highly recommend Scrupulous, and after you’ve given them a listen, I would bet you’ll be recommending them to your friends.  Be sure to check out their links and Reverb player below.  Enjoy!

Scrupulous Links

Website  Facebook  Twitter  ReverbNation  SoundCloud  Bandcamp

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Where They Are From

Phoenix, AZ, USA


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