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Band Name: Mariya
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: New York/London
Year Formed: 2012
Band Members: Mariya, Rossen Nedelchev
Genres: Pop



 Mariya Background Info

MariyaMariya is a London-based Singer/Songwriter with a love for music, acoustic instruments and quirky sounds.  Mariya`s songs explore the elements of life, stories that everyone could relate to. Her music is vocally rich, combining catchy hooks and curious melodies. She loves experimenting with sounds and styles, sneaking unusual sounds in the song production being her favorite part.

MarsBands Promo

A sparkling voice with a fresh, upbeat sound is what awaits you with Mariya’s EP “Storyteller”.  Brimming with soulful and passionate lyrics, “Storyteller” is a perfect blend of melody and harmony wrapped up with a Poppy beat.  Think of a mix of Nelly Furtado and Alicia Keys and what you get is something so amazingly talented and powerful, you won’t believe your ears.  Mariya’s ardent vocals are the driving force of much of her EP, as you will soon discover.

Starting off, the song Drunk was slow and deliberate and displayed Mariya’s Jazzier side.  Starting off quietly with just Mariya and a piano, the song gradually produces a gentle beat.  While I wouldn’t call the song Jazz by any stretch, it certainly had a similar intensely soulful sound and feel to it, especially in the vocals.

Goodnight takes a bit of a detour from some of the other songs on Mariya’s EP, “Storyteller”.  An infectiously addicting Pop song that has an upbeat and snappy beat to it.  The music is fun and catchy, but the real story here is Mariya’s voice.  Even though the music and melody of Goodnight is a good listen, Mariya’s voice takes this song from good to great.  Goodnight has a catchy beat and showcased Mariya’s strong vocals as well as some beautiful harmony.

MariyaCoffee has very simple yet brilliantly intriguing and captivating piano riff that immediately grabbed my attention and quickly made it my favorite song on the EP.  Once Mariya’s soft and beckoning vocals started, I was hooked.  Kind of a spooky, “come hither” sound that draws you in, the feel of the song only gets stronger as it progresses with the addition of a marching-type snare drum.  The song ends brilliantly with a thrilling Steve Miller-esque organ that immediately compelled me to listen to the song again.  This song was beyond great, and I’ll bet you’ll like it, too.

One of the best things about this EP was that, while it wasn’t necessarily dependent on the instruments (undeniably the strongest part of the EP is Mariya’s elegant voice), there were an assortment of instruments used.  Lies uses piano, guitar and even some violin to create some beautiful music that accentuates Mariya’s voice excellently.  Other songs even include some drums, organ and trumpets to create a beautiful ambiance for Mariya’s voice.

Do yourself a favor and give a listen to some amazing music from Mariya.  Sometimes words simply don’t exist to accurately explain how good music is, and Mariya’s EP, “Storyteller”, is certainly an example.  Once you listen you will almost certainly want to share what you’ve found with your friends, so feel free to use the links below to share and explore.  Enjoy the wonderful sounds of “Storyteller”!

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Where They Are From

New York, NY, USA

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