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Band Name: ILOS
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Westchester, New York, USA
Year Formed: 2013
Band Members: Adam Raymonda, Derek Delisle, Keith Keresey, Rich Barone
Genres: Post-Rock, Progressive, Rock








ILOS Background Info

“ILOS is a four piece rock band from Westchester, NY that infuses many styles to make truly epic sound. ILOS started as an instrumental solo project of Adam Raymonda (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard/Programming/Production). Drawing upon influences such as The Dear Hunter, Explosions in the Sky, Thrice, The Beatles and many more the project was a widely ranged instrumental album.

After showing Keith Keresey (Bass) some of the music, he encouraged Adam to start playing this music. They quickly stared playing with Rich Barone (Drums) and Derek Delisle (Guitar/Vocals). After starting to rehearse it was apparent that the songs were calling for vocals. Adam wrote lyrics and discovered a powerful rasp in his voice to round out the final touches for the band.”

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ILOSGreat guitar riffs, excellent vocals and powerfully passionate music is what to expect as you listen to the hot-off-the-press, self-titled EP from ILOS.  I especially enjoyed the guitar riff in “The World Will End Without Us“.  It was unique and fast, with a hint of Metal to it.  In fact, each of the songs on the ILOS EP had at least a hint of Metal to them, be it in the sharp and eccentric guitars or the vicious drums.  From the very first song on their EP you can hear that ILOS has a unique sound that sets them apart from other Rock bands.

One of my favorite songs from the EP was “Above The Chain“.  It has a slow yet steady and deliberate beat that morphs into an emotionally charged, thunderous chorus of emphatic vocals, blazing drums and fierce guitars.  Highlighted by a guitar solo that gives way to a rhythmic chanting-type bridge, “Above The Chain” will grab you by the ears and suck you in.  Vocal harmony played an integral part in the ILOS EP, as every song seemed to contain masterfully overlaid vocal tracks.  As I listened I could easily pick up on the Thrice influence, both vocally and in the guitar with its harmonics.

My favorite song off the self-titled ILOS EP was “Decoder”.  While it had a similar Rock sound to the other two songs, it also had a very distinctive and captivating staccato-like approach to its delivery.  Again showcasing some brilliant harmony, both vocally and instrumentally, “Decoder” was the perfect combination of loud, quiet, soft and hard.  My favorite part of the song takes place right around the 2 minute mark, as the vocals are surrendered to the listener very deliberately, but also very carefully, delicately and in an almost whimsical way.

ILOSMostly Rock with a pinch of Metal, ILOS has a great start to an album with their recently released self-titled EP.  Exemplifying their unique abilities and sounds, ILOS uses harmony, melody, and boat-loads of passion to caress your ears with a bit of brilliance.  The songs are performed flawlessly, structured beautifully and solidly recorded.  Check out their EP below via Bandcamp, give them a Like on Facebook and a follow on the Tweeter Machines!  And as always, be sure to share them with your friends!  Enjoy!


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Where They Are From

Westchester, NY, USA

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