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Many bands and artists give away free MP3 downloads, so on this page you will find links to download songs from various bands and artists that we have featured on our site.  Some are links that you will download from our site that bands/artists have given us to distribute, while others will be direct downloads from the band/artist’s site.   Either way, it’s free, it’s good, it’s worth your while. Because it is free, some bands/artists may ask you to subscribe to their newsletter to get the download.  Clicking on the band/artist name will take you to our review of them.  Enjoy!

If you happen to stumble upon any broken links, let us know using the feedback tab on the right of the page or email mars/at/marsbands/dot/com. Thanks!

Renee Wahl (added 9/18/12)

One More to Go

The Vegabonds (added 9/11/12)

Georgia Fire
Ballad of the Movers and Shakers 

Aquitaine (added 8/21/12)

Meteor Showers (Live)
Breakdown (Live)
Monkey Gone to Heaven (Live)

Beth Bombara (added 6/26/12)

Don’t You Know

Panther Style (added 6/13/12)

Seeing…Just Not Believing
The Instrumental
Fingers Crossed 

Naked Pistol (added 5/29/12)

Pick Me Up
Halloween Song 

Bad Dolly (added 5/3/12)

18 songs – Visit Band Page 

Lovelyss (added 5/1/12)

Life’s Punches

Have Nots (added 4/25/12)

Anchor For A Drowning Man
Used to Be
One in Four  

Miss Jubilee (added 3/26/12)

All of Me 

Ryan Spearman Band (added 3/26/12)

Land of the Free 

Crestline (added 3/22/12)

Catherine’s Window
No Turning Back
Behind the Sun/You and I

 Aoede (added 3/16/12)

Does Your Heart Ever Stop Feeling 

The Glass Child (added 3/9/12)

Stuck In My Mind
I’ll Never Tell
Play Pretend  

Coma Coma (added 3/7/12)

Lightning Bolt
Had to Be There
Argyle Satellite

 Barley Station (added 3/5/12)

I Found You
Close to One

Mary and the Giant (added 2/22/12)

Beg Me Please (live)
Star Town  

Mr. Keys (added 2/15/12)

8 Songs – Visit Band Page 

The Wolf Hongos (added 1/25/12)

Media Hold 

Papafish (added 1/16/12)


Voice of Addiction (added 1/11/12)

The Walls
Right! Now!
Broken Homes and Broken Bones
Empty Bottle  

Healthy Junkies (added 12/29/11)

20th Century Boy 

Hey Marseilles (added 12/12/11)

From a Terrace 


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