Thomas Corsaut

Band Info
Band Name: Thomas Corsaut
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Southern Calfornia
Year Formed: 2010
Band Members: Thomas Corsaut
Genres: Alternative

Thomas Corsaut Background Info

Forced Perspective” is a gathering of songs by Thomas Corsaut that was written and recorded during a period of about 18 months between traveling to various cities across the United States. In fact, the Album artwork, including the familiar skyline of Seattle was created from images taken at different locations along the way.

Although the emersion in new places influenced the songs, the real shape of the music came from the discipline acquired while traveling and composing at the same time. With so many distractions and situations demanding your attention Thomas learned that; “You always need to have an idea book with you, or in the extreme situations where you can’t jot things down you need to learn to repeat a lyric in your head or create mnemonic that will hold, because sometimes an entire story can hit you all at once. So much of songwriting is subconscious.”

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Thomas Corsaut

Forced Perspective is chock full of intelligent lyrics that intricately and delicately relay the passion of each song to the listener.  In fact, for my money, the lyrics and vocals are the single most prominent features of the entire album.  There are a number of harmony driven songs, like “Tremble” and “Pray and Scream”, that I immediately became addicted to.  And parts of Corsaut’s album, Forced Perspective, reminded me a bit of Godsmack in that some of the songs are strongly dependent on vocal harmony.

Soft and elegant guitar playing along with a deep and responsive voice will immediately hook the listener and tickle their earholes.  Intricate guitar riffs and Rocky beats are used to make beautiful compositions.  Thomas Corsaut’s vocals are strikingly unique in that they are not quite like anything I have heard before.  Forced Perspective is a musical smorgasbord of genres, sounds, melodies and harmonies.

“Sand and Paper” has a bit of a tangy, Country type sound to it with a Rock mix.  “Voodoo Doll” has an interesting slow Rock, guitar solo that compliments the vocals that takes on a bit of a spooky, slow sound.   “Ghost Whispering” had hypnotic, melodic vocals that slowly draw you into the song and entice the listener further.  Overall, Forced Perspective has a bit of an uneasy feeling about it that is incredibly intriguing.  The passion and  emotion are clearly evident.

If you’re looking for an album that will pique your interest and keep your attention throughout its entirety, look no further than Thomas Corsaut’s Forced Perspective.  Be sure to check out the links below to get more information on Thomas and his music.  Also, be sure to share this fantastic music with your friends!  Enjoy!

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