The Mornings

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The Mornings
Band Name: Samuel Cole & The Mornings
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Hobart, TAS, AU
Year Formed:
Band Members: Samuel Cole (Vocals/Guitar), Anna Elliston (Violin/Vocals), Seth Henderson (Keys/Vocals), Jeremy Kearney (Drums/Vocals), Ben Cole (Bass), Nick Devereux (Saxophone/Percussion)
Genres: Folk, Indie








 The Mornings Background Info

“The Mornings (formally known as Samuel Cole and The Mornings) is one of Tasmania’s most well-known and hardest working bands. Not a lot of times you go to a gig of a local act and every single person in the room knows every single word of every single song… but that’s that The Mornings do.

The Tasmanian Winter is almost over and after a couple of months of inspired writing and recording The Mornings are coming out of hibernation. The lads (and lass) are keen to share some new tracks and bring that high-energy live set we all love so much to a stage near you!

We can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since the Smoke and Lasers theatre tour, and would once again just like to thank all those who came along for those very special shows. We are still so impressed by how many of you managed to cram into the Peacock Theatre in Hobart!

As you may remember at the end of May this year Triple J took Mornings frontman Samuel Cole to the Song Summit music conference to work with Wally De Backer (Gotye) and Adalita Srsen (Adalita, Magic Dirt) in an intensive song writers workshop. Taking the advice of these great Australian musicians onboard Sam returned to Mornings HQ to flesh these tracks out with rest of the band and bunked down at Oscars Treehouse recording studio up amongst the treetops of Mt Wellington to record some new songs that we can’t wait to share with you.

With new material recorded ready to be released in October, The Mornings are currently getting ready for a national tour through November and December that will include appearances at Soundscape Festival (TAS) and Festival of the Sun (NSW) as well as a string of shows across Tasmania and the main land.” (via ReverbNation)


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