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Black Vendetta
Band Name: Black Vendetta
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: London, UK
Year Formed: 2010
Band Members: Nathan Virica
Genres: Rock

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Black Vendetta Background Info

Welcome to Black Vendetta. my real name is Nathan Virica . I am a 22 year old songwriter and rhythm guitarist, from Harrogate. I spent 3 years of my life in bands, one of which was within touching distance of making it work, and in the end it was only drummers, bassists, singers, lead guitarists, venues, people in general, circumstances in general, life in general and my location at the time that prevented me from achieving this.

Black VendettaSchool predictably failed and thereafter finding little else in Harrogate other than the guy who plays Marlon in Emmerdale (who is a truly miserable bastard if you ever happen to see him in real life!) and a truly shit nightclub known as the moko lounge I decided to come to London and change my strategy along the way. I am now a solo artist (but I kept the band name I so beautifully crafted back in 2007 :)), using guest singers for the purposes of live performance. (via bio)

MarsBands Review

The Good 

Listening to Black Vendetta is a musical treat.  Excellently crafted, chock-full of talent, the music will impress and delight you.  And while I might  prefer something a little harder, Black Vendetta is nothing but excellence stacked upon pure talent stacked upon creativity and passion.  Lauren, Salli, and Layla all have wonderfully crisp and powerful voices.  The music itself was very catchy and was more than enough to pique my interest and keep me listening.  I think the best way I could describe the music would be edgy Soft Rock with a spritz of Pop.

Of all the vocalists to perform with Black Vendetta, I enjoyed Lauren Slater’s vocals the most.  She seemed to have a voice that fit best with the type of music Black Vendetta creates.  Her voice is soulful, passionate, and powerful.

My favorite song, which you can listen to below via ReverbNation, is “Leave Me Now”.  While I may be a sucker for some good old fashioned Rock n’ Roll, there’s just something about acoustic songs that tugs at my ears.  The simplicity of an acoustic guitar and vocals shifts the focus almost entirely on the lyrics and vocals.  And when that focus is on the brilliant and gentle guitar work of Nathan and the crisp, vibrant vocals of Lauren Slater, it is then that you begin to realize how passionate the two are individually and how musically powerful they can be when combined.

The Bad

The only thing I didn’t like about Black Vendetta was the rotating cast of vocalists.  Although they were all very talented singers, it was hard for me to get an overall feel for the band as each song seemed to have a different feeling and vibe to it.  And while no band will be or should be consistent with their sound throughout the course of their musical careers (a changing sound is the telltale sign of a band maturing and evolving), the music and the band changes when the vocalist changes (see: Van Halen).

Black VendettaIt was hard for me to feel like I knew the band when a so many different singers were featured.  With a constant stream of vocalists for Black Vendetta, the band sort of lacks an identity.  As I stated, it certainly doesn’t take away from the beautiful music and heartfelt vocals, but I did find it a little distracting.

For example, a band I once loved, The Vincent Black Shadow, started out with Cassandra Ford as their vocalist.  She was the identity of the band for around 7 years.  Then she left the band and their new singer, Nikki Hurst, came in and completely changed not only the music, but the feel as well.





Overall, I really liked Black Vendetta.  It is a group of very talented musicians and singers who all have a common goal: to create something beautiful.  And I, for one, think they have accomplished their mission.  Even though I would like some consistency in the form of a single, dedicated vocalist for the band, the music itself is certainly worth your time.  If you’re in the mood for something wonderful to listen to, do your ears a favor and check out Black Vendetta.  Be sure to share them with your friends as well!

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London, UK


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