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Karnival Korpus
Band Name: Karnival Korpus
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Norway
Year Formed: 2005
Band Members: Harald Johansen, Anders Blåsmo, Lars Ivar Aarnes, Thomas Nguyen, Einar Aarnes
Genres: Rock

Karnival Korpus Background Info

Karnival Korpus hails from the land of ice and snow.  Karnival started playing together in 2005.  Karnival Korpus music is an eclectic mashup of funk,rock and blues, this makes for an interesting blend of the classic hard rock from the 70′s up to the new wave of progressive hard rock bands of today.  Bringing the feel-good grooves from years of old into the new world of experimental hard rock.





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Karnival KorpusOld-school Rock meets Modern Rock, Karnival Korpus’ new album, “Warchild” will shake your bones to their core with their heavy riffs, piercing guitar solos, and mammoth drums.  The sound you’ll hear from “Warchild” is heavy and loud, vicious and fierce – just the way Rock is supposed to be.  Immediately you’ll note how Karnival Korpus’ sound is extremely true to its roots.  To me, they had a very distinct 70s/80s Rock sound, and quite often the vocals reminded me slightly of AC/DC.  The music, at times, even made me think of Metallica.

That’s not so say, of course, that Karnival Korpus doesn’t have their own specific, unique sound.  Once you give a listen to their album, “Warchild”, you’ll be hooked.

One of my favorite songs off Karnival Korpus’ new album was Wildfire.  The song starts off with a ratta-tat-tat drum intro which is followed by a distorted guitar and then an acoustic guitar, all while a delicate piano riff plays.  Don’t be fooled by this soft into, however, as the song quickly takes on a harder, yet still slightly subdued, Rock sound.  The chorus is loud and building, getting you ready for the ultimate release at the end of the song.  A short, yet extremely well placed and powerful guitar solo sends the song off in the right way.

Karnival KorpusAnother fantastic song that you’ll want to give a listen to is Burning Fuel, as it is the epitome of Hard Rock.  Fast, furious drums, loud and biting guitars, a heart-pumping guitar solo, and an overall badass feel and sound that will kick you in the ass and make you a fan.  Depending on what song you listen to, you’ll get a very distinct 80s Rock sound, and in other songs you’ll get a 70’s Rock sound, like in Breath Of Foul Air.  Breath Of Foul Air makes excellent use of an organ as the song gets started, lending a very 70s type vibe to it.

One of the best things about Karnival Korpus’ new album, “Warchild”, is that you’re never quite sure what to expect from song to song.  At no point does this album become predictable or boring.  There is no filler, no time-wasters.  Every single note of every single song is carefully designed and created to do one thing, and one thing only – To Rock your socks off.  And when you combine the amazing Rock sound with the explosive power of Harald Johansen’s vocals, you get music so strong that you’ll be blown away.

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