Band Info
Band Name: Aoede
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: San Francisco, CA, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Lisa Sniderman
Genres: Alternative, Pop
Free Download Available:






Aoede Background Info

Compelling pop for your heart by a singer/ songwriter with an enchantingly quirky soprano voice-for fans of Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, Regina Spektor, Lily Allen –

Aoede is a driven singer/songwriter who’s the recipient of a “Top Album of the Decade” honor, and “Top Artist of the Year” for 2008, in recognition of her CD release, Push and Pull. She’s also one-in-a-million, but it’s not only for the reasons one would expect… (via Aoede’s ReverbNation page)

MarsBands Review

Poppy, upbeat, heartfelt, passion-filled, talented – those are just some words one might use to describe Aoede.  Lisa Sniderman has a brilliantly vibrant voice that matches her positive personality.  Her music isn’t necessarily confined to any set parameters, that is to say, if you compared her song I Lost, You Win to Love Proof, you might think it was two different artists.

Aoede has a distinct Pop sound to it, but not the kind of mainstream Pop sound.  When the ukulele is added into the mix, it gives off a happy, positive feeling much the way Molly Lewis‘ music does (minus the comedy).  While some have compared Aoede’s sound to that of The Ditty Bops, I don’t quite see the comparison.  Sure they both make use of the ukulele, but The Ditty Bops’ music is almost depressing when compared to Aoede.

If I were to compare Aoede to someone it would be The Oh Wells.  Like The Oh Wells, Aoede creates songs with lyrics that are deep, sensitive, and contemplative. suggests you check out some of Aoede’s music via ReverbNation below.  Enjoy!


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Where They Are From

San Francisco, CA, USA

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