Panther Style

Band Info
Panther Style
Band Name: Panther Style
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Year Formed:
Band Members: Jeanne McClure, Al Rodis, Dan Lutger & Melissa Koeh
Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Indie Rock

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Panther Style Background Info

[Panther Style is] a rock band from Chicago. Imagine if early Van Halen and Sleater Kinney or Lush had a rock-baby. A hungry, angry rock-baby…  (via Reverbnation)

MarsBands Review

Panther Style reminds me a bit of The Kiara Elles as they both have similar singing styles with staccato-type vocals.  The big difference comes when Panther Style decides to get a little edgy and angry, like in the song The Instrumental.  Panther Style, while Poppy, is much harder and Rockier than The Kiara Elles, however.

I’m pretty sure Jeanne McClure is the lead singer, and if I’m wrong, please forgive my ignorance.  But working under that assumption, Jeanne, who also plays a mean bass, has a fantastic voice which is well suited for this band.  She can be soft and sweet or loud and menacing, like in Panther Style’s cover of Lil’ Devil.

The guitars, handled by Melissa and Al, are what you’d expect from a Rock band – a little scratchy, a little Rocky, and lots of distortion.  And Al certainly knows how to Rock a guitar solo.  But let’s not overlook Dan on drums, bashing away with a tight, crisp beat.  To get you started, my favorite songs were Seeing…Just Not Believing and Fingers Crossed.  Do your ears a favor and check out Panther Style!

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Where They Are From

Chicago, IL, USA

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