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Coma Coma
Band Name: Coma Coma
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Rhode Island, USA
Year Formed: 2009
Band Members: Eric Sampson (Bass/Vocals), Steve Demers (Guitar), Dan Ulmschneider (Drums)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Indie Rock
Free Download Available:







Coma Coma Background Info

The top-notch East Bay trio make some noise with a win for Best Local Act as well as top album honors for Chateau Rex, their full-length debut for 75orLess Records (following an EP and live disc recorded at Jake’s in 2008) and hands-down one of the finest among the 100-plus releases from the Warren-based label. And, like many of his labelmates, Coma Coma singer/bassist Eric Sampson loves him some Dinosaur Jr. and all things Mike Watt.

Skilled drummer Dan Ulmschneider (who will always draw a few Colonel Klink howls of “Oolm-sha-vidaaayh!” from friends while onstage) is now a full-time member of the Propellers as well as the flagship stoner/space rock trio Six Star General (Ulms often works double-duty at 75orLess gigs).

Guitarist Steve Demers steals the show when the band shred covers from the Thermals, Built to Spill, and Pavement (give a scream for “In the Mouth a Desert”), and always nails it on Radiohead’s “Just.” Chateau Rex is full of catchy hooks (we still don’t know why ’BRU didn’t spin “You Had To Be There”), gnarled licks (“Argyle Satellite,” “Lightning Bolt”), and tight bass grooves (“4th of July”), presented with a Hüsker Dü nod for an album cover. Get out there and catch Coma Coma at their usual haunts — Billy Goode’s, the Common Pub, and the Apartment. (taken from The Phoenix)

MarsBands Review

Coma Coma mixes a Classic Rock sound with a more Modern Rock vibe to create some really awesome music.  Their song Argyle Satellite sounds like a mix of The Doors and Muse (see: Showbiz) which should be more than enough to win over even the stingiest of music lovers.  And at first you might not think that would be a great combination, but surprisingly it is.

The vocals give off sort of a dark, ominous feeling which only enhances Coma Coma’s sound.  The thing that I really like about Coma Coma is the prominence of the bass guitar.  It really sets the tone for the music.  It’s deep, it’s thumping, and it’s amazing.  Coma Coma uses reverb and chorus on their guitar tacks to their creative advantage in most of their songs.  It gives their music an expansive feel.

Coma Coma has a sound that in certain songs sounds like it could easily have been on the radio back in the 90s.  It’s really fun listening to Coma Coma because, whether intentional or not, I hear faint whisperings of other bands in their music.  Bands like Toadies (listen to Had to Be There), Muse (every song), The Doors (listen to Argyle Satellite), Red Hot Chili Peppers (listen to Had to Be There) and Cake to name a few.  And for some reason Tool also comes to mind.

Coma Coma makes some very cool music and I highly recommend them.  Check out their music via ReverbNation below.


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Where They Are From

Rhode Island, USA


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