Have Nots

Band Info
Have Nots
Band Name: Have Nots
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Boston, MA, USA
Year Formed: 2007
Band Members: Jon Cauztik, Matt Pruitt, Jameson Hollis, Steve Patton
Genres: Pop Punk, Ska
Free Download Available:







 Have Nots Background Info

A wise man once said that a good song should make you want to tap your feet and get with your girl, while a great song should make you want to smash the state and set fire to the suburbs. Have Nots is interested in writing great songs. Formed out of the ashes of Stray Bullets and Chicago Typewriter (two Boston punk mainstays), Have Nots is far from your typical ska band. This Boston based foursome stands out in a sea of horns and checkered hats, playing aggressive, rabble-rousing punk rock music, with just enough reggae/ska influence to remain catchy and danceable. (via Have Nots’ Reverbnation Page)

MarsBands Review

The Have Nots create some turbocharged, fast-paced, high-octane music that will get your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and your ears ringing.  Have Nots’ music spans some of my favorite genres like Ska, Punk, and Rock.  There’s scratchy guitars, intimidating, fast vocals, snappy drums and groovy bass lines, in addition to your typical Ska ensemble of lovely horns.

Have Nots aren’t for the kiddos.  Aside from some expressive 4-letter words, the subject matter would be lost on them.  For example, their song One in Four is in reference to one in four homeless people in the United States are veterans.  Which is another reason I like this band – intelligent lyrics.  These songs will force you to think about things you might not have thought about before.  In some ways, the Have Nots are like a really kick-ass Public Service Announcement.

Do your ears a big favor and listen to Have Nots.  Enjoy!

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