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Healthy Junkies
Band Name: Healthy Junkies
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: London, UK
Year Formed:
Band Members: Phil Honey Jones (Guitar), Nina Courson (Vocals), Tjay Tarantino (Bass), Steve Nightmare (Drums), Adam Lewis (Drums on Copycat and Trash my love)
Genres: Grunge, Pop, Pop Punk
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Healthy Junkies Background Info

Parisian Lead singer Nina Courson teamed up with British guitarist Phil Honey-Jones just over a year ago to set about writing and recording one song for a close friend’s birthday. The song entitled Glam sister turned out to be the first of many songs, and before long bass player Tjay Tarantino and drummer Steve Nightmare were on board and Healthy Junkies were born. Taking their influences from a fine blend of genres they are forging ahead and discovering their own unique style. Healthy Junkies are a reaction to the dominance of processed, same sounding pop music in the U.K. (via Healthy Junkies Facebook Page)  Healthy Junkies have released one EP, Copycat, and one album, Sick Note.

MarsBands Review

It’s reassuring to find a band who is passionate about making music that isn’t generic or run-of-the-mill.  And if you’re going to be a Junkie, may as well be a Healthy one!

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Healthy Junkies are a refreshing sound that you don’t hear a lot of these days.  They blend a few genres together, most notably Punk, Pop, and Grunge.  Their songs tend to have a kind of dark feeling to them.  That is to say, I would hardly consider the music to be happy-go-lucky, sunshine and rainbows.  But despite that darkness, Healthy Junkies tends to keep their songs rather upbeat and fast paced.

At times their music blurs the lines of genres, as all good music tends to do.  You’re not sure if you’re listening to Pop Rock, Thrash Rock, Grunge, Punk.  And honestly it doesn’t matter.  What matters is how wonderfully surprising the vocals of Nina Courson are.  She can be loud when needed or soft, yet intimidating, at any given point of a song.

Picture by Neil ( and Brigeoo

In a very small way Healthy Junkies faintly reminds me of Tsunami Bomb.  Perhaps it’s just because both bands have female singers, but I think there’s a little more to it.  There’s a feistiness that shines through in their songs.  An attitude that radiates out saying, “I could kick your ass”.  And that’s exactly what Healthy Junkies music will do to you.  It’s a kick to the ass.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find many videos to share with you.  There are a good number of live videos but none of them have very good audio quality, so it would be kind of a disservice to the band to post them here.  Instead you can check out their songs below via ReverbNation.



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Where They Are From

London, UK

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