Voice of Addiction

Band Info
Band Name: Voice of Addiction
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Year Formed: 2006
Band Members: Ian Tomele, Kyle Tilev and Andy Petty
Genres: Punk, Punk Rock, Rock
Free Download Available:







Voice of Addiction Background Info

Since the release of Voice of Addiction’s first self-titled album in 2004, this progressive, rock/punk band has exploded throughout the Midwest, stirring up fans across the country. The trio’s spontaneous drumming, bursts of guitar and politically charged lyrics fire out in sporadic combustions that still seem to land together perfectly in unique patterns, some punk, some rock, some ska, and some a combination of the three. Although each of V.O.A.’s three members brings forth a distinctly individual style, the combined works of Ian Tomele, Kyle Tilev and Andy Petty overlap harmonically into a rare, fitting collaboration (via Voice of Addiction’s Facebook Page)

Voice of Addiction has released 3 albums, Voice of Addiction (2004), A New Religion (2006), and re-Evolution (2008) as well as an EP called EP 2005 (2005).

MarsBands Review

Voice of Addiction combines 3 of my most favorite things: Punk, Rock, and harmony.  And as a nice added bonus, there’s even a hint of Ska.  Voice of Addiction is raw, powerful, emotion filled, passionate music.  This is the exact reason music should be made.  They have a message to relate to people, and whether you agree with it or not, it’s certainly more than you can say about today’s mainstream crap music.

Remember those days when music consisted of loud, angry vocals, fierce drums, chest thumping bass lines and ferocious guitar riffs (accompanied by some killer guitar solos)?  Seems like those types of bands are hard to come by nowadays, but with Voice of Addiction, oh man, they’ll give you an eargasm.

Voice of Addiction also has a great way of taking a song that is up-tempo and loud and slowing it down and softening it a bit in spots where you say to yourself, “God damn, that’s exactly what should have been done there”.  This is some seriously good music, and MarsBands.com gives Voice of Addiction our highest honors.

You can check out some of Voice of Addiction’s awesome music below.  Enjoy!


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