The Wolf Hongos

Band Info
The Wolf Hongos
Band Name: The Wolf Hongos
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Fall River, MA, USA
Year Formed: 2008
Band Members: Oliver Franco (Accordion and vocals), Jahnna Khoury (Violin), India Scott (Guitar), Zac Keith (Guitar and Vocals), Nick Franco (Drums), Jeremy Sherman (Bass and Vocals), Kyle Fleming (Saxophone)
Genres: Folk, Punk, Rock
Free Download Available:






The Wolf Hongos Background Info

The Wolf Hongos are a 7 piece multi-influence band mixing folk music from all over the world with punk and rock feel and sound. Cultural and dirty much like the town that raised them, The title of their manifesto may read “lets all dance and have a good time, bastards”.

Born out of a smelly basement in 2008 in which they still reside, its always been about the exploration. The first idea was “Lets see what kind of noises this accordion makes” and the latest idea was “…yes…musical stutter”, and everything in between is a test of the general hypotheses that is world folk punk.

In the last 2 years they added 3 members from their original 4, played shows throughout New England and recorded and released a Demo/EP at the great ‘Bongo Beach Studios’ in Fall River, Massachusetts. (via The Wolf Hongos Facebook Page)

MarsBands Review

The Wolf Hongos fall into the Folk realm of music, but don’t confuse their brand of Folk music with that of say, The Hudsons.  The Wolf Hongos is an impressively unique group of very talented and creative musicians.  This group of musicians combines some of my favorite instruments, like violin, accordion, and saxophone.

While all their songs are quite good in their own way, my favorites are Media Hold, Casa Hongo, and Flies.  And while I couldn’t find any videos from YouTube to post, I was able to find them on reverbnation.  Be sure to check out The Wolf Hongos if you like unique, creative, and amazing music.


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Where They Are From

Fall River, MA, USA


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