Hey Marseilles

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Hey Marseilles
Band Name: Hey Marseilles
Official Website: Band Website
Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA
Year Formed: 2006
Band Members: Matt Bishop, Nick Ward, Philip Kobernik, Patrick Brannon, Samuel Anderson, Jacob Anderson, and Colin Richey
Genres: Folk, Indie
Free Download Available:






Hey Marseilles Background Info

From Seattle, Washington, Hey Marseilles is a Indie Folk band formed in 2006 by Matt Bishop and Nick Ward.  Originally a duo, then a trio, the band now contains seven members including Matt Bishop, Nick Ward, Philip Kobernik, Patrick Brannon, Samuel Anderson, Jacob Anderson, and Colin Richey.  Hey Marseilles has released three albums:

  • To Travels & Trunks (2008)
  • Live at KEXP Vol.5 (2009)
  • Starbucks Sweetheart 2010 (2010)

Hey Marseilles uses more instruments in their music than the number of people in the band.  And when such numbers of instruments are put into the hands of musical geniuses like Hey Marseilles, you can expect to hear some amazing music.

MarsBands Review

Hey Marseilles has a wonderfully unique sound about them.  Ranging from Folk to Indie to Jazz with even a little Pop at times, Hey Marseilles uses a ton of instruments to make music that is chock full of depth.  With nearly enough members and instruments to make an orchestra, Hey Marseilles’ music will comfort its listeners with a warm glow of rich harmony.

Hey Marseilles makes music that is overflowing with harmonies, both vocally and instrumentally.  The lyrics are elegantly sung and when this band harmonizes, it is sheer brilliance.

Each song tends to be one giant crescendo, slowly wrapping itself around the listener.  And instead of rapidly dropping off once the high point is reached, the songs gently bring the listener back down only to repeat the process with the next song.  MarsBands.com suggests you take a walk on the softer side of music and enjoy Hey Marseilles.


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Other Songs to Check Out

  • Cannonballs
  • Cafe Lights
  • Gasworks
  • To Travels and Trunks
  • Cigarettes

Where They Are From

Seattle, WA, USA

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